Supercritical High CBD Greasy Pink Refill Cartridge (89% THC, 1.2g)

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60 réponses à “Supercritical High CBD Greasy Pink Refill Cartridge (89% THC, 1.2g)”

  1. Amber dit :


    Best cartridge yet! Gives great relief for chronic pain, but do your self a favor and pick up the battery kit, price pint is on the mark!

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  2. Matt dit :

    Greasy indeed

    Every been kicked in the head by a horse? Want to be?
    If so Greasy Pink is for you. Plus you don’t need a larger animal permit to get it. It’s delivered right to your door courtesy of our friends at White Palm.

    When you think Pink, think Greasy Pink ; )

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  3. Geoff dit :

    South Coast does it right. Greasy Pink is perfect for the evening??.

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  4. Brett dit :

    Goooooooood stuff here

    I’m happy I bought a south coast battery and tried the whole vape thing, very convenient and won’t stink the house up, few puffs off this bad boy and your good to go! South coast is a great company, if it’s made by south coast, your in for a treat! Time to try others! Looks like the GG#4 didn’t last long! Wanted to try that refill! Hope they keep the price down, 70-80$ is fair, anymore and it’s abit too pricey. Great product though! Two thumbs up!

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  5. Tyler dit :

    Everything you want in a vape!…. But greasy! My favorite for sure

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  6. Julius dit :

    Just got this and smoked right away. Definitely would buy again!

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  7. Leslie dit :

    First time vaping and was pretty skeptical at first because I always heard that the effects of vaping were not as strong and didn’t last as long as smoking but I do have to say that it was very effective and the high was just as good and much quicker than smoking

    And greasy pink has always been a favourite

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  8. Max dit :

    Great Product

    Great product, with a great buzz. Have not had any issues with their refill cartridges yet.

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  9. Johnny B. dit :

    Clean and highly efficient

    I really like how clean and simple this is, it’s my first cartridge and I found it to be much stronger then the disposable vape pens I had been buying. 5 or 6 draws and I am medicated in a way flowers or the disposable vape pens can’t seem to achieve. I guess that’s what 89% THC does for you.

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  10. Kyle dit :


    Quite impressed with this. Nice taste and the effect is great, relieves pain and soothes the mind. Would definitely recommend! Hopefully it will remain in stock for a little bit, as I can see myself ordering a few to hoard for the future.

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  11. Rod dit :


    Too easy, things can’t get any easier, hat’s off to you fine folks involved!

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  12. Paul dit :

    Top Notch for first class medicine

    This is the best I have tried so far and I have tried several. Smooth, yet a nice hit at the beginning. Then a mellow finish. This one has legs., it lasted a long time with a smooth delivery. 10 out of 10!

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  13. Denis dit :

    Oh! Ya...

    Best medicinal in its class. Love it…..will order more.

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  14. Alessandro dit :

    This sucker packs a punch

    It may be small but it is mighty! This little cartridge is worth the money as It lasts for ages and you don’t need a lot to feel the effects. Thanks again GWP you guys rock!

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  15. Lindsay dit :

    I loooove this greasy pink. I’m gonna have to stockpile it because it’s the best thing ever for my migraines. Tastes great. I found it to be even more effective than the Lindsay. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock!

  16. Mohamad dit :

    YES! I tried about 8 different cartridges fro different brands and from South Coast. nice deep effect that is long lasting. I could still feel it after i woke up. But what i like the most is that i was able to chill socially without feeling tiered, but when i finally lied down to sleep, i immediately went into a nice relaxing sleep, and woke up fresh. Well done by south coast. definitely will be buying this one again and again.

  17. Stephan dit :

    Good …not on par with the toko refillable cart….actually not even close in taste or effects or medicinal power.The taste is not enjoyable.Tastes like CO2 oil stripped of all terps.It does have some use …but not for 80$ / .5gr. Thanks WP for the service!

  18. Eric dit :

    looks smokable for sure sue to above reviews

  19. Eric dit :

    Top Notch!!! I would recommend these to anyone who likes an immediate feeling of relaxation.

  20. Eric dit :

    This is top notch! Highly recommended!

  21. Bill dit :

    Second one just as good Oil is good and thick and doesn’t wimp out on me after a couple of days. I follow the advice to wait one minute between puffs but I do draw good and deep. I was someone that always had to smoke wed rather than vape it as I found weed vaporisers strange and unappealing but then I tried vaping good quality oil and yes, I do think this is the trend for the future. I still love smoking the occ joint esp when some strong draw arrives at my house but now it’s 75% Vape 25% and my lungs are happier !

  22. James dit :

    Awsome stuff as allways from Southcoast..I am loving the couch

  23. Randy dit :

    Very flavorful, easy to smoke. Great relaxing buzz mind and body. I have always been a flower guy but this may be the future.

  24. Ben dit :

    Amazing ! On par with similar products from legal weed states that I’ve tried from the US.

  25. Bill dit :

    Really good draw, taste v g. considering it’s strength and c beebies.

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