Supercritical Greasy Pink Bubba Vape Pen (46% THC – 0.3g)

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9 réponses à “Supercritical Greasy Pink Bubba Vape Pen (46% THC – 0.3g)”

  1. Ryan dit :

    Love this product! They just arrived today, taste great and work great! Will buy again for sure!

  2. Carlin dit :

    Easy to use! Happy with my purchase !

  3. Cheri dit :

    I bought this pen and first the drag isn’t as nice as the phant pens and then the cartage started leaking. All in all I like the phant ones better

  4. Lindsay dit :

    Soooo good. Heavy stone is accurate. Excellent product one of the smoothest yummy tasting disposables I’ve ever tried.

  5. Justin dit :

    I’m having a similar problem, difficult getting a drag. Taste isn’t great at all either. Will stick to Phant or Toko

  6. Yannick dit :

    On the go medication…no smell no hazel no hard looks!

    Long slow draw to inhale…3-4-5 seconds. Hold in…exhale…wait between inhalation…let 1 or 2 minutes go and repeat. Usually 2 or 3 draw give you the desired effect.

    What a stress relieve!

  7. Matt dit :

    Really enjoyed my first experience with this product. It was a very smooth transition into a very mellow high. Sat and had a conversation with a friend for hours as we shared it back and forth.
    Great product.

  8. Alessandro dit :

    Awesome Sauce

    This product was great – small, easy to carry around and so simple to use when times get tough. Overall a great product. Thanks GWP.

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  9. Phil Ghazal dit :

    Drag so hard

    I ordered 3 pens and 2 of them were so clogged and difficult to pull! Other reviews seem to be express the same sentiment.

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  10. Bruce dit :

    not Happy

    got one and it worked great but battery died before cartridge was empty,only lasted two days and about 50 hits

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  11. Mark Sala dit :

    Have tried a couple different pens. These are definitely at the bottoms of the list. Try other ones first

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  12. Lorraine dit :

    Loved this product. Would order again

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  13. Rod dit :


    First one I ever used and I had to suck my fillings out to get a decent pull. This makes me think it may not be finished but I was. 2nd one i tried last night worked great. If they can guarantee consistency with the pen it’s a 4/5. I think I will try the rechargeable battery and refillable cartridge. Still great quality.

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  14. Steven Weiss dit :

    Price $70.
    More expensive than many other pens.
    South Coast, excellent products in my limited experience.
    Was sucking so hard to get tiny puffs, tasted a bit like dry grass clippings but no real complaints there because I’ve smoked dried grass clippings and this does taste better.
    Buzz is pleasant but very slight.
    2.4 stars. Will continue to try different products

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  15. Aysia dit :


    The buzz is too slight for me, which is ok if it did something to help my anxiety or lift my mood, but it doesn’t do much. My friend had a few drags and agreed.

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  16. Irene dit :

    better options out there

    battery died just after 10 draws. cartridge was definitely not empty.
    taste wasn’t great either.
    definitely would not purchase again. I’ll stick with Toko

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