Supercritical Green Crack God Vape Pen (41% THC – 0.3g)

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4 réponses à “Supercritical Green Crack God Vape Pen (41% THC – 0.3g)”

  1. Thomas dit :

    Very nice pen. It’s discreet easy to use. I used the pen before going for a walk yesterday and it was very relaxing a nice high but I still had my energy.

  2. James dit :

    I love this strain very uplifting, postive, clear and motivating. Great daytime smoke allowing you to be fully functional. Great product and you cant go wrong with the vape pens very clean discrete way to get your medicine.

  3. Aysia dit :


    keeps my anxiety and depression at bay and allows me to be productive. there’s still a noticeable high, though. would buy again.

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  4. Kd dit :

    Just ordered for the first time and I’m pleased with the effects of this pen! Also, the customer service I received was fantastic. Despite the fact my order came from all the way across the country in the middle of a snowstorm, it only took 3 days to arrive and I got it before the weekend. Thanks, White Palm. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again!

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  5. Glen dit :

    Exceeds expectations

    The flavour is amazing and it’s a nice, solid, functional high. Smoking it is smooth and the pen is so easy to operate i.e. just inhale. i wasn’t expecting to like it THIS much. i’m getting this one again, for sure.

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  6. Glen dit :

    i spoke too soon

    i really like this product but my pen battery died before i was halfway through. It’s really frustrating that there’s so much concentrate left and no way to get at it. i have very little money so a pen that’s expensive and craps out before i even get halfway done is a crappy pen. WP, you need to provide more nuanced instructions about how to use these, or, sell better pens.

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