Supercritical Green Crack God Refill (83% THC)

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4 réponses à “Supercritical Green Crack God Refill (83% THC)”

  1. John dit :

    Very good product, has a good taste and potent, however price is a little expensive for .5ml thats why i didnt give it a 5star.

  2. James dit :

    It’s better than Crack as far as I’m it..

  3. Jennifer dit :

    Unfortunately my cartridge showed up leaking so sent a picture to Dean and he sent out a replacement right away with no hassles … How refreshing… Whitepalm customer service is like no other Thanks Dean! Will comment once I’ve tried it out

  4. Jennifer dit :

    Reminds me of the hot knives dayz, nice behind the eyes buzz with the old school taste. Normally a TOKO fan but South Coast has a nice product here….. Will be ordering again

  5. James dit :


    Lives up to name it’s very good and tatse awsome

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  6. Mohamad dit :

    In my top 3

    I love this one. and the beauty is that you can play with the strength of the pen. at 3.8 you are getting a nice mellow effect. at 4and a bit, it gets intense.

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  7. David dit :

    Glorious and Convincing

    My first attempt using a South Coast Variable battery, along with the South Coast Green Crack. I am very impressed with the quality of the extract! Effects with the 4.8v setting have been excellent and leaving me in the clouds. :)

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  8. Debbie dit :

    Je l'adore !

    Wonderful taste and easy vape. Love it!

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