Supercritical WiFi OG Refill Cartridge (89% THC)

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9 réponses à “Supercritical WiFi OG Refill Cartridge (89% THC)”

  1. Geoff dit :


    Really happy with Wifi OG… able to concentrate on tasks and feel comfortable/ relaxed at the same time….
    One of my favourites to vape.

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  2. Bailey dit :

    Délicieux !

    Excellent taste! Hits super smooth with a slight citrus flavour. Only need one or two puffs to feel it. No groggy burn out. Just recently switched over to vaping these over smoking bud and I’m not turning back!

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  3. Geoff dit :

    Wifi is great for daytime excursions.

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  4. Johnny B. dit :

    Wasn't $10 better then the Greasy Pink cartridge

    I don’t care for the WIFI OG flavour when compared to the Greasy Pink or other South Coast cartridges, the resin had a much darker colour too. Overall still great buzz though.

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  5. Valentine dit :


    I got WiFi by mistake, which White Palm rectified immediately. I was surprised the high is different from the flowers. In general base on my experience, the high from concentrate is different than their original flower form. But, nothing wrong with a very strong clinical high without the entourage effect that characterise the uniqueness of each strain. It’s a translation issue and room for improvement for the alchemists.

    What I like is the alert high instead of the spacey feeling I get from WiFi flowers. Three 4 to 5 seconds draw will set me up for an hour and a half. You can interact, talk and feel good all at the same time. What more do you want? :)

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  6. Amber dit :


    After trying the SouthCoast WIFI OG cartridge, I will never stray to any other brand of vape pen disposable or refillable etc again…. I absolutely love this strain its cerebral, energetic, muscle relaxing, great for sea sickness, vertigo, nausea, it’s pleasant and calm yet energizing. I’ve only tried this and Lindsay OG(also amazeballs) which was atleast 10% higher in THC and even still I prefer WIFI OG, this strain delivers medicinal terps that just give a full spectrum buzz that’s great for a wide range of symptoms and it doesn’t put you to sleep in the process, mind you if you get in your comfies and get on the couch it’ll prob still be lights out

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  7. Gabryel dit :

    Im selling my soul to that Wifi OG ?

    I Decided to Command This After A WhitePalm Recommandation. And this was the best 70$ (I used my Fabulous whitepalm discount heheh) ive paid in my life . Really ! With the Whitepalm point you can easily get them for 60-70$ if you keep you point ☝?.

    As it said EVERYTHING is funny. You’ll get those old school giggles as if you were a 12 years old Kid. I never Had giggles as this Wifi gave me since 5years minimum.
    Taste ; 9/10 (didnt try with the SC battery so maybe thats why i was not this impress, But the Juice/cloudy effect in the mouth is unique to south coast !!)
    Looks : 10/10 the Tanks is quite General and Look elegant as we can see the beautiful liquid gold inside.
    LongLasting : 5 days. (Was doing 2-3 dab ) everynight (2person on the tank) so A LITTLE MORE THAN TOKO GOLD

    But due to the price Its only a Product that we can afford sometimes.

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  8. Mark dit :

    Look, it's good but,

    I tried this co2 extract from south coast and I’m currently under the influence. While the product is good quality it is not mind blowing or that far ahead of comparables on the market but, the price is certainly setting itself above the rest.

    For previously heavy smokers you will want more like 4-5 puffs of 5-7 seconds which is considerably more than noted, if you like to medicate throughout the day and share, it seems like it will last you about a week which is not bad if you ask me so, you may want to order 2 at a time to save on shipping costs.

    The flavour is pure, the effects are as noted but, in my opinion muted in comparison to the statements made by some other reviews. All and all I give the product a thumbs up most because it is organic and clearly a quality product. But, I have to say that I don’t think there is value certainly not by the time you factor GST and shipping if you are ordering less than $200 at time.

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  9. Mohamad dit :


    its been a little over 6 months after making this switch and I’m very happy to say that WIFI is on my top 3 for daytime use Vape Refills. Well done south Coast. Keep up the good work.

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  10. Jake dit :

    Good product but would be nice to see more thought put into the packaging. Also once i had about a 1/4 left in my cartridge, it stopped giving vapour and i had to purchase a stronger battery to get it to work again. I think it is to thick so it clogged my cartridge. Overall i enjoyed the taste and the high but would have been nice if it worked from start to finish.

  11. John dit :

    Good quality product. good for day use wont leave you sleepy. The taste is amazing and very potent. however price is a major drawback for me, I got barely a week on this one. Maybe southcoast/GWP can do a 3pack for better price….

  12. Frank dit :

    Amazing… Super efficient great tasting and you need very little to see the sunset:) well made no leaks like some cheaper quality refills. Well worth the premium cost

  13. Jeff dit :

    This was my guilty pleasure, the most discrete and potent way to medicate. Expensive, until you taste the magic. 2 puffs and you are wherever you wanna be. A lovely balance of Sativa and Indica qualities, the perfect extract ..I would vape this exclusively, we’ll see how long it last, as a fave. We connoisseurs have short attention spans. I was truly honoured to have the privilege to vape this stuff. Sky high.

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