Super Lemon Haze Pod

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The effects with the Super Lemon Haze pod from Disposvape are uniquely energetic and lively. It also has a psychedelic aspect accompanied by intense euphoria near the beginning of the high.

The Super Lemon Haze pod is loaded with premium THC distillate and natural terps. Tasty, smooth hitting, and has a quality buzz that makes the cartridge last for weeks. It hits well without being harsh, and is priced reasonably. The oil is almost indistinguishable from super-clean e-juice.

Enjoy getting lit, and taking a load off, and know it’s just a few puffs away. No rolling, no grinding, just pure pleasure in an instant.

For best vaping experience with the Super Lemon Haze:

Puff 3-4 times in a row to get the vapour production up to max. Hold vapour in lungs to absorb terpenes-rich THC distillate, get your money’s worth! This is not for cloud chasing. Let the ceramic coil cool between sets of puffs.. the pod has an unobstructed hollow chamber from top to bottom, if the flow of air on your first puff seems restricted, you can poke a needle through that hole to allow some air to pass through, at which point it will vaporize steady again. Our batteries are designed without buttons or moving parts, just puff to activate. They look almost like something you’d find on the starship enterprise.

Please keep in mind this refill will not work with a standard 510 vape battery/pen. You will need a Juul compatible battery. These batteries are fairly easy to come by at most tobacconists and many convenience stores.

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Happy, Uplifted, Energetic
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British Columbia made high-quality THC Juul pod vapes.
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Disposavape is here! This is a British Columbia made product with the highest quality THC distillate and all-natural organic terpenes. Disposavape offers some very unique strains like the Maui Wawi, Purple Punch and Dosidos.

The Disposavape Process

Completely solvent-less extract. 1g per pod. Contains all clean organic and natural based extracts.


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  1. Serpatro dit :

    Lemon Haze in the super

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    Super Lemon Haze has always been one of my favorite strains. Disposavape has done a very good job with this super extract in this conveniant Juul pod. Great day buzz with energitic vibes to take challenges in an happy mood !

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