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Greasy Pink Bubba Refill

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$45 - $252

1 x 0.5g
3 x 0.5g
6 x 0.5g

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture de stock et non disponible.

A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

The most popular cartridge we carry. By far. Welcome to a new age of organic and 100% natural High CBD extracts. This Greasy Pink Bubba Refill Cartridge is an absolutely pure medicine that will transform you into a better you.

High CBD Greasy Pink Bubba Refill Cartridge Effects

Pink Bubba is a mostly Indica strain that is said to combine genetics from Bubba Kush and Pink Kush.

Be prepared for a beautiful relaxation and heavy stone with the awesome medicinal effects of strong CBD and CBN. This is a very special and unique product that must be tried by all Cannabis connoisseurs. You’re in for a treat.

******These are now 0.5g refills.

******The packaging is a non-labelled clear plastic tube while we wait for the new packaging to arrive. Just didn’t want to make y’all wait on the product any longer!

The South Coast Process for the High CBD Greasy Pink Refill:

At South Coast, they do not add pesticides or fungicides to their High CBD BC-grown plants. What allows them to have the cleanest, most effective, and safest medicine in the world is the Sunshine Coast environment, their science and respect for a proper process, and their respect for the Cannabis plant.

What is Supercritical extraction?

The Supercritical method is based on a low-temperature and high-pressure process to ensure that the extraction process does not damage the profile of the plant. Our Supercritical concentrates are the best of the best – no solvents are used, only natural CO2.

Effets :
Creative, Relax, Euphoria
Taille :
500 mg
À propos du vendeur :
South Coast Cannabis
33 Customer Reviews

South Coast est le leader en matière de fleurs à profil complet et d'extraits purs. La Sunshine Coast est l'endroit le plus idéal pour cultiver et produire les meilleurs produits à base de cannabis au monde, en raison de la culture développée et de l'environnement collectif.

Les conditions de croissance de la plante de cannabis mère constituent l'un des facteurs les plus importants dans la production d'extraits purs. Étant donné qu'ils sont situés sur la Sunshine Coast de la Colombie-Britannique, nos plants prospèrent sans avoir besoin de pesticides et de fongicides. Nos plantes entièrement naturelles sont de la plus haute qualité.

Le processus SOUTH COAST

Chez South Coast, on n'ajoute pas de pesticides ou de fongicides à nos plantes.

Ce qui leur permet d'avoir les médicaments les plus propres, les plus efficaces et les plus sûrs au monde, c'est leur environnement professionnel, leur science et leur respect d'un processus approprié, ainsi que leur respect de la plante de cannabis.

Les extraits purs commencent par la souche et la santé de la génétique. Ensuite, la cure et la façon dont la fleur est traitée sont de la plus haute importance. La matière première constitue la base de la qualité de l'extrait.

Pas d'entourloupe, pas de garnitures, pas de conneries. Nous privilégions la qualité à la quantité et c'est pourquoi tous nos médicaments sont vendus en quantités extrêmement limitées. Il faut vraiment du temps pour faire les choses correctement.


29 réponses à “Greasy Pink Bubba Refill”

  1. Cornelius van strien dit :

    .7 gram refills

    SouthCoast has been my go to for flowers and vape . Greasy Pink Bubba vape is one of my favorites, heavy and true to the flower. Now they have a new refill cartridges .7g and less inhale resistance. Get a much better draw from it.

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  2. Chris dit :


    This is an amazing product.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  3. Jonathan dit :


    Love the balance of the product with the high amount of cbd in it. Really potent!!!!

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  4. Bradley dit :


    It’s good!!!!! Ohh the taste is top notch and you only need a few hits to say goodnight. Another great product from a great Co.

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  5. Jeff dit :

    Vape cart

    Did the job, but I prefer the taste of the GOC carts. The taste of these remind me of the kush oil disposable vape.

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  6. brad dit :

    I’m not a big fan of greasy pink carts. I have had any for the past year and there always super dark and see through it at all and it always takes like crappy black oil. Definitely doesnt taste like you would think the greasy pink bubba c02 extract should taste. Like with any other south coast refill carts they taste exactly like the strain there made from and taste and smell amazing. Not these ones for some reason

  7. Maëlle Gagné dit :

    South Coast doesn’t cease to amaze me. Once again, this product is great and would recommend everyone to buy this.

  8. Lawrence Lam dit :

    Wow this oil by far is the most potent I had. South Coast really makes top grade products.

  9. Brendan fitzgerald dit :

    this is the best cartridge ive purchased so far on this site, better than GOC grand daddy purple and gorrila glue. I like the taste and it packs a punch

  10. Steven Dyni dit :

    Awesomeness!! Now I can have greasy Pink anywhere!! This is amazing for instantaneous relaxation.

  11. Andrew Mills dit :

    Cartridge seems less quality, but the taste is good and hits very well! Only need a couple drags for very decent relaxation

  12. Pierre Mathieu dit :

    Good product but the taste is not good to strong

  13. brad dit :

    Got my 3rd order of this and no different from the 1st great quality and high a must try for anyone

  14. Yakim dit :

    Overall good product, but taste a bit burnt for me. Taste is stronger than other oils.

  15. Brandon Abel dit :

    Toujours le meilleur

  16. brad dit :

    I’ve been waiting along time to try South Coasts vape cartridges. The only reason I’ve waited was because I’ve heard they tasted like vegetable glycerin like the typical vape juice. I’ll be honest I’ve never should’ve listened cause this stuff is amazing which isnt surprising. Its South Coast they are the best at everything they do in my opinion. This is the best and most potent vape I’ve ever had. Only problem I’m having with them is the cartridges are hard to pull from and get a nice hit easily almost like theres not enough air flow. Dont get me wrong they work great just a little hard to get an easy pull off it other then that it’s great. Tastes great what youd expect from GPB and the buzz is amazing after only 3 or 4 puffs I’m ripped and the buzz lasts for quite a long time. Great for anytime of the day but it does help emensly for sleep also. Thank you White Palm and South Coast.

  17. Jessica dit :

    I am such a fan of greasy pink. Perfect indica, great for pain and a good sleep.

  18. Shawn dit :

    Very nice. Smooth, tastes pretty good for a vape pen and gets you rocked.

  19. Aysia dit :

    cbd works best for me when paired with thc so this stuff is great for discreet and convenient daytime use. potent with long lasting effects. will buy again.

  20. Brandon Abel dit :

    Its Amazing, after one hit your feeling it,by the third puff, you cant see straight!!!

  21. Liam dit :

    This is nice. Pretty potent 3 draws enough for me . Stronger than some other carts I’ve ordered .

  22. Andre dit :

    Still worth it lol %1000 lol waiting on the 1.2 refill

  23. Andre dit :

    Notices the price go up $2

  24. Anthony Turpin dit :

    This has exceeded my expectations on every Level. Buying more shortly.

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