Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Peach)

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0 réponses à “Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Peach)”

  1. NIM dit :

    I’m not a huge fan of salt water taffy but I gave this a try. Didn’t enjoy the taste at all but did experience a mild head high for a few minutes. I should have read the description better… only 15mg per candy. That explains it! For $4 per candy…not worth it.
    I hope white palm decides to get stronger edibles soon. Right now I’m buying edibles from Pot Cargo.

  2. Denise dit :

    What can I say. Delish! And does the job.A+++

  3. Laurie dit :

    I was pretty dissapointed in these ones. Tasted good but instead of a taffy like consistency mine were dry and crumbly.

  4. Nadine dit :

    I’m a big fan of candy however these didn’t provide me with much more than a sugar craving satisfied. And even that was debatable as I found the cannabis taste rather predominant which to me gave the peach an artificial taste. I ate the three candies and felt nothing, which was a bit of a let down for twelve dollars. I would not purchase these again but perhaps you’ll have better luck and enjoy them more.

  5. alex dit :

    Hummm , taste good and really cool feeling even with an half for me .
    The feeling is not hard , perfect for concentration and stress release during the day !

    Awesome product !

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