Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Watermelon)

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0 réponses à “Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Watermelon)”

  1. Tab dit :

    You seriously need better edibles- every other site has tons.
    These are super weak. For a novice… take the whole pack, you’ll feel it.
    For someone who’s been smoking a while, waste of money- you won’t get the high you want.
    Strong pass, for sure!!!

  2. Tom dit :

    Decent, if you’re a heavy user I would suggest eating all 3 at once otherwise you won’t feel much.

  3. Angel dit :

    2 wasn’t enough for me so i ate all 3 and im happy i did that was great. I felt all my pai just melt away and it made the movie i watched even funnier lol

  4. Laurie dit :

    Not bad taste. One wasn’t quite enough for me but 2 worked well. I’d order this again.

  5. Angel dit :

    When i saw watermelon saltwater taffy i had to get it. Omg its amazing. The high is phenomenal and the taste is so yummy. Definitely worth every penny.

  6. David dit :

    I just ordered these and they pack a punch. Not sure about the review Nicole left but my experience was they were strong.

    I’m now ordering a second time. Let’s see if it is a batch to batch thing or freshness thing.

  7. Nicole dit :

    These don’t do anything, they taste great but they have absolutely no effect. I ate 2 and felt nothing, not even a buzz. Another waste of money edible product from whitepalm…. save your money and buy flower.

    • George dit :

      If you want an edible that packs a real punch, get the stronger tincture you can find on here. You can take it straight, OR mix it in things like coffee or whatever you are ingesting lol. I got bravo once during tooth pain and drink the bottle out of desperation…..good lord…number the pain and put me in my ass.

  8. Jennifer dit :

    If you are a heavy user you may need 2-3 to feel a a nice subtle background buzz. Tasted pretty good too

  9. Ronald dit :

    can you tell me the dosage per taffy…

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