Sweet Skunk

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Faible Med Haut

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0 réponses à “Sweet Skunk”

  1. tony dit :

    It’s ok. Always like the hard cases protects the weed and helps cure. As for the price it is expensive. All thes 50 per half quarter is crazy. Having said that there are far worse. I’m not a fan of sour products but a sweet stinky one is kinda funny.

  2. shelby dit :

    clean, taste good, no way worth 50 8th i wouldn’t even pay 30. like no bud structure falls a parts lots leaf. rip off

  3. Joshua dit :

    Really nice.burns clean.

  4. Mike dit :

    This was probably my least favorite of the 4 new strains from EVB. The buds are very airy and although the buds aren’t super dry a joint will still burn very quickly. You’ll want some really slow burning papers for this stuff. The buds do have that EVB quality, quite sticky and a nice smell. There is definitely no roadkill skunk or anything like that here, don’t expect a ‘skunk’ smell, even though the description says ‘skunky’ citrius there is absolutely zero skunk smell here. I didn’t find the high all that special either, pretty much how I feel about most sativas these days. The Congo these guys have is probably one of the nicest sativas I’ve had, this sweet skunk just didn’t do it for me.

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