Lemon Thai Cannabis Oil

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4 réponses à “Lemon Thai Cannabis Oil”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Bon produit

    Extremely potent. Tastes amazing.

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  2. RJ dit :

    My new favourite

    This oil is easily a 10 out of 10

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  3. Valentine dit :

    Nice addition to a joint

    This taste amazing and the high is a lighter clear headed uplifting experience. I use this to coat the paper for a joint. The Thai Lemon oil enhances the high of the joints by extending the duration to a full two hours regardless of the quality of the bud.

    I find it works better with Sativa strains. With Indica strains like Greasy Pink, the oil effects are lost with the sledgehammer effect of Greasy Pink. With something like LSD, it brings out the best LSD profiles and enhances them. The sunlight becomes even more vibrant with a stronger yellow hue. This is my go to morning or first joint start for the day combo, oil with LSD, or Moby or Purple Haze, or Lemon Haze, or Cali Hashplant or … you get the picture?

    It’s a luxury.

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  4. James Kutney dit :

    Good effects, but was a bit messy to cap and store

    Used in a vape pen, a bit tricky to administer into the bowl as the plunger in the barrel of the syringe seemed to cease up making it difficult for the product to come out. Still works though. Also, the process of taking the cap on and off also caused the oil to build up in the cap and the apparatus. A constant cleaning would alleviate this though. For a less mess option in a vape pen try a budder.
    2 stars for usability
    4 stars for effects/taste

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