Lemon Thai Vape Refill

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Ce produit est actuellement en rupture de stock et non disponible.

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Faible Med Haut

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2 réponses à “Lemon Thai Vape Refill”

  1. Valentine dit :

    Agreed! awesome

    I actually got the Moby but it’s sold out. I wanted to tell the Talisman folks on a job well done. I also tasted Moby like Paul tasting the Lemon Thai. This is a first for me and I am now a believer in vaping concentrate. Until now, concentrates for vaping have been misses because the high and taste has nothing similar to the strains they came from. Not any more as these Talisman products are the best to date and I think it’s only going to improve.

    Bottom line, the Talisman products for vaping and their honey oil is one of the best in the category. South Coast held that title before I tried Talisman for vaping. Quarry held the title for the best honey oil until now. And, White Palm has the best oil and vape products on the market that I have access to … includes local dispensaries in Toronto and there are many here.

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  2. Paul dit :


    I’ve tried 4 of the Talisman cartridges and this is the top tasting one for me. Lemon goodness but it tastes exactly like the flower! Crazy. The only other producer I know who can create quality like this is South Coast. Cant wait for them to restock.

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