THC Distillate Vape Refill – Root Beer

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10 réponses à “THC Distillate Vape Refill – Root Beer”

  1. Aysia dit :

    Did I say it before?

    I’m not a huge fan of root beer flavoured things, but this one isn’t bad. It gets the job done.

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  2. Darcy dit :

    The taste is great. Not sure about the high…it is not as potent as they claim.

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  3. Victor dit :

    Taste is average, potency seems less than claimed, been a fan of Toko but wanted to try something new and this product does not compare. If you have budget, stick with Toko

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  4. Martin dit :

    Best flavour from Goo Goodness

    I bought 4 flavours and Root Beer is my favourite of the bunch. The Watermelon is the worst. Still would never buy a Goo Goodness cart ever again. WAY better alternatives out there like Toko, Little Farma, and Zen Medical. However this one is super cheap for the price, but the oils are questionable, especially the RED watermelon.

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  5. Paul Lavallee dit :

    Great Flavour

    Great value for the price. Excellent flavour, strong effect after three hits. Very chilled feeling-everything is ok but stuck to the couch lol. Well worth $50.00!

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  6. Dwight dit :

    Don’t waste your money

    Honestly maybe it’s just me but I find this stuff super harsh not friendly to the discreet world of vaping. Especially when your hacking out a lung. I also found it left my tongue and roof of my mouth with a weird feeling. I bought one root beer and one cotton candy. Man do I wish there was a return policy on these. Thought I would like to try new things but turns out oil that tastes like actual flowers it’s made from is much more appealing.

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  7. Janet dit :

    Extremely harsh on the lungs. Root beer flavour is the worst. The cotton candy one tastes better but this stuff is so Harsh. Sticking with Toko gold

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  8. Barry Tooley dit :

    Very Good Indeed...

    The root beer wouldn’t have been my first, or even second choice, but it was all they had, so I took it.
    It is harsh compared to the Toko cartridges, but turning the heat down helps immensely. Also, at a third the cost , they’ll be getting my business from now on.
    Happiness would be having an assortment of these on hand, and I look forward to trying the other flavours.

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  9. Leslie dit :

    Not a fan of root beer flavour in general but this actually tasted pretty good and I found the high to be pretty nice, made the tops of my skin feel pretty numb and can be a pretty good sedative, puts me right to sleep

    Made me really hungry and pretty harsh on the dry mouth and if you inhaled a lot you’d be thrown into a coughing fit

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  10. Brock dit :

    Barq’s Has Bite

    This one is exactly like Barq’s root beer for me..If you like root beer this ones for you.

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