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Faible Med Haut


  1. Jesse dit :

    Im happy they made a gsc oil. All i can say os wow to the taste. Im definitly ordering again anf again lol Go whitepalm Go

  2. Christopher dit :

    this might be the best tasting honeyoil ive ever tasted .quite potent highly recommend.

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  3. Chris dit :

    MUST try for the many people who love and desire the hard to come by girl scout cookies strain.

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  4. travis dit :

    to pricey to what you get
    other then that great flavor but not the high i was looking for

  5. Steven dit :

    Really wonderful oil. Taste is top notch, beautiful colour and the effects are bang on. Worked great in an empty atomizer I had for my vape pen. Highly recommend.

  6. Tyler dit :

    This product is a great tasting oil. Does the trick and bang on with the effects. Highly recommend this. :)

  7. Gabryel Rousseau dit :

    Amazing products ! The quality is here . The taste due to critical co2 extraction are very insane . If you never try this product before take in consideration that the oil inside is very liquid so BE CAREFUL pushing the seryngue and have fun . going to order back some soon.

  8. Tom dit :


    I’ve tried a couple different strains from the quarry and this is imo the most flavorful one I’ve tried yet! Can’t wait to try more!!

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  9. Rahim dit :

    Best Oil to Vape!

    Amazing heavy hitting high. This one is the most potent and flavourful of all the oils I’ve tried so far.

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  10. Kristopher Andersen dit :

    GSC is sooooo TASTY and packs a serious PUNCH ???

    By far one of the best CO2 extracts around.

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  11. Aysia dit :

    oh hey!! my first!!

    this was the first honey oil i tried and i’m so happy it happened the way it did lol. gsc is always a fav, so that added to the pleasant experience. it was very tasty and strong couch lock.

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  12. Joshua dit :


    Just finished my last gram.What a treat.A must try for all. Please restock this product.

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