Pennywise CO2 HONEY OIL

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10 réponses à “Pennywise CO2 HONEY OIL”

  1. Kristopher Andersen dit :

    Interesting Medication

    Has a very unique taste with a hint of ? cherry
    The end result is a feeling that is very relaxing and pain free. Definitely one of my favourite Quarry Products

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  2. Dwight dit :

    not amazed

    If your looking to get blasted this is not the one you want. You can hit this all day long and feel pretty straight. Of course it tasted awesome as The Quarry puts out an amazing product. If your going to meet the in laws for the first time then this would be my pick but if your looking for the knock out punch try a different one.

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  3. John dit :

    Effective medicine

    Fantastic product. Use in the daytime and before bed. Vape a few hits and you’ll be relaxed and stress free without being too high.

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  4. Michael dit :


    Amazing taste smell and buzz what better oil can u ask for

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  5. RJ dit :

    Best honey oil I've had

    The taste and smell of this oil is incredible but is not near as incredible as the effects! Anyone who is looking for an oil that will pick you up and relieve pain then this is the oil for you!! 10 out of 10

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  6. Nicolas dit :

    Pain killer

    As a construction worker I use to have body pain. The product description say everything. I’m switching from Voltaren cream to this stuff right now!

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  7. George dit :

    Really relaxing and enjoyable buzz worth every cent

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  8. Evan dit :

    Some of the best quality product I have ever sampled. Well done Quarry!

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  9. Breann dit :

    The high CBD gives a great body high that is super relaxing. Tastes great and hits smooth when vapourizing.

  10. Cory dit :

    Ill be smoking you again soon mawhhh

  11. Chris dit :

    The Quarry Pennywise

    Soooo fire. worth the price. the CBD mix feels like a message. Absolutely tantalizing. Am ordering it again one of the best I have had! plus the taste is 5/5 so reviewers of this have said to have tasted like bananas and I agree. soo good!

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  12. Jesse dit :

    Wow. Now thats a kick to the head. If your in for a long good movie you will definitlynlove this smoke. Or just to help you sleep. It definitly zones you out and keps you in a calm state. My favorite honey oil

  13. Donald dit :

    What Can’t I say about this Strain of Honey Oil? I’ve Not had such Amazing Tasting Honey Oil since the 70’s Honestly!
    I Use 2 Make my OWN Honey & Cherry Oil’s Back in the Day Eh. lol. Anyhooow, it’s a very DANGEROUS TASK & One I’m VERY RELIEVED I’ll NEVER HAVE 2 Do Again Thanx 2 White Palm & The Quarry too. I Really Hadn’t realized Just How Much I’d Missed Honey Oil UNTIL I Ordered it from White Palm. I was Praying it’d be Decent @ least and It Surpassed that by a long shot. Kudos to the Quarry this Honey Oil I literally JUST Vaped Is Truly Wonderful People.
    I have No Problem Staking My Rep as a Connoisseur on it too. You just Cannot imitate the True Taste Of Quality Extracted Honey Oil & Pennywise Is Truly One Top Shelf Product of which I’ll be Ordering Often.

    Cordialement : Don D.

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  14. Mathieu dit :

    Wow ! This is great it took all the pain i have away , great energizer and i can stay focus more than before !

  15. Riley dit :

    All i can say is WOW! amazing product, very clean tasting and effective, helps take away my depression threw the day while keeping me alert and awake. also couldent stop giggling after a few sessions.

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