Rockstar CO2 HONEY OIL

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4 réponses à “Rockstar CO2 HONEY OIL”

  1. Marky dit :

    Best oil

    All of the Quarry oils are so good. The terpene taste in the their oils are strong and pleasant, I like alternating between their strains. They are the best tasting ones I have had, others brands I have tried taste too much like shatter.

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  2. Steven dit :

    I Love Quarry

    Quarry oils are some of the best oil I have ever used. Every strain has been spot on for flavour and effect and Rockstar is no different. My one and only complaint is that it seems to be very hit and miss these days for product in stock. When it is I would suggest each and everyone of y’all get your fill while it lasts. I really can’t impress upon you enough how good these oils are. Cream of the crop. Thank you Quarry, and as always, thank you White Palm. Now get on their asses WP and let’s see Quarry oil flowing freely. Lol. Specifically the 1ml syringes. Best deal on the site.

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  3. Ashley dit :

    I love cbd oil and this one was delicious

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    • Steven dit :

      This ones not CBD oil Ashley. But Quarry does have one that is. It’s 1:1 and named Pennywise. And it’s top shelf. All their oils are CO2 oils though. Maybe that’s what you meant. You are spot on with the delicious part. All Quarry oils are yummy.

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