Toko Slim CO2 VAPE PEN (Girl Scout Cookies)

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14 réponses à “Toko Slim CO2 VAPE PEN (Girl Scout Cookies)”

  1. Aysia dit :


    taste is strong and effect is mild. had a bit of a blockage for a while. for daytime use it’s nice.

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  2. Kevin dit :

    20%+ Failure rate

    Don’t waste your time or your money on these slim Toko pens. My experience has been that at least 20% of them do not work right out of the box, either because the battery is dead or the oil chamber has leaked out and contaminated the rest of the device. It is a great idea in concept, but until they improve the technology you will be certain to be disappointed over time.

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  3. Amber dit :

    One of the weakest, unreliable and inconsistent disposable vape pens I’ve tried, I only used the girl scout cookies strain (which I love), but I wouldn’t bother even trying another strain by Toko, I made the mistake of ordering several Toko pens from a dispensary I used prior to membership with White Palm and half the pens were not working when I received the shipment, just overall weak quality in hardware and potency/

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  4. Paul dit :

    My go-to Toko Slim

    This was the very first Toko Slim I bought about a year ago and I find myself trying new strains when they come out because I love experiencing the new but I always always make sure to get at least one of these babies. Incredible bed time med for when your mind can’t stop racing.

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  5. Patrick dit :

    Well worth it

    I am big fan of Toko products. They are handy, discreet and work well. I have tried a few different strains. I am big fan of Trainwreck and Girl Scout Cookies. Will be buying again when I run out!

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  6. Matt dit :

    solid pen with a few flaws

    I use this pen as an addition to regular sessions and love the flavour. I have purchased two of these, and the first one lasted 150 or so draws, however the second died quiet suddenly around the 60 mark. Will give it another shot, and will report back. May move to the cartridge device for the same flavour.

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  7. Amber dit :

    the worst!

    these throw away pens are a money throw away, I’ve tried three strains and each only delivered very subtle highs, and one crapped out after barely 20 hauls…super disappointed in this brand, haven’t bothered trying their cartridges as a result….

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  8. Jean-Robert dit :

    Strong but cheap !

    I try Phant Pen (like more than 10) and very pleased about the battery life and the quality of the vape(metal). But the Toko i tried 3 of them, are little bit $$ than Phant, I the Only thing i seem better with the Toko are the hit you take, for a hit like 2 sec The toko give a way better Buzz than the phant (phant its 2/1 vs Toko) But i never take 150 draw are not that much, in the phant its almost 100, and this one like 50-80 .. i dont know if its the battery life or just the liquid, but this made a difference. The toko are shorter, so he can fit on a pack smoke. Try both of them to make your better choice. PS: Tips to make the longer battery Life, Dont flash the light when taking a hit, more you take it, more the battery are hot and have been used. When the battery flash its mention to hot/ battery used to much, so that affect the life at time.

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  9. Dan dit :

    Solid pen, but 2 beefs: no gauge to show how much oil is left, and I found I had to pull really hard to get the light to turn on. Other than that no complaints, did the job.

  10. Justin dit :

    150 hauls my ass!!!! I got maybe 50!!!!! 2-3 second hauls as it said, I got 50. Good buzz, short life. Not worth it, buy a vape, and separate oil, way cheaper.

  11. Thomas dit :

    This is probably the best pen I have used, smooth draw super easy to use and a very relaxing enjoyable high

  12. Samantha dit :

    So this was so cool ….not at all what I was expecting! I was thinking it was going to look more like the pens but it actually looks more like a E Cigarette or something along those lines…this makes it super discreet for public use. It doesn’t leave a strong oder and the high is so soothing and relaxing .. this is definitely my new favorite product and I will keep buying and recommend as it’s just so handy

  13. Frank dit :

    Great tasting and super discrete. Perfect size to throw in a jeans pocket and not even know its there. Well constructed and it delivered on all front.

  14. James dit :

    Tastey Treat

    Enjoyed right to the last puff…420

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  15. James dit :

    I got as a gift and I enjoyed it very much…right to the last puff…420

  16. Mike dit :

    Great Little Pen

    First time purchasing any THC vape pen and Toko does the job. “Smoking weed from the future” if you will.
    Great taste, nice buzz and super discreet. If you are a super heavy weight smoker(all concentrates) this might not be exactly what you are looking for. If you are a casual or parttime smoker this is the perfect pen for you.
    Great for a daytime buzz, not too heavy and really helps offset anxiety.
    Would order again! If this is what an indica pen can do I would love to see some sativa strains become available.

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  17. Billy Quirk dit :

    Incredible product best I’ve had so far

  18. Billy Quirk dit :

    Blew my mind great product and descrete.

  19. mike dit :

    not so satisfied

    tried this the other night. very hard to draw, not getting much air flow through it. taste is great though! both caps were falling off after being in my pocket for the evening which contributed to it leaking in my pocket. probably won’t order again.

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  20. Mike dit :

    toko #1 by far

    Great overall product

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  21. Steven dit :

    New tool is effective

    first off the bat – you will not get 150 draws/inhales from this device. That being said I was able to draw between 50-75 before mine ‘died’. Second, it is sleek and discreet. The only thing not so discreet, is that it has a blue light that goes on upon inhale, though you could just say its an e-cig if anyone questioned and you felt uncomfortable. Third, it tastes like GSC! And it is potent. As someone not well versed in extracts, having not used many, this was an amazing way to get the potency of dabbing without getting a rig. Aswell sparing my lungs. For the price it is an indespensable product in my medicine cabinet. <3

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  22. Riley dit :

    Nice flavour

    firsyt time trying toko product and was impressed. easy to use and the taste is amazing! If you like c02 oil definitely try one of these. Exceptional taste and a good threw the day buzz, used it for treating my anxiety and helped alot!

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  23. Kristopher Andersen dit :

    Great taste, great effect, overall satisfaction.
    The guy in the first review must have gotten a bad pen because I have had many that were good. Although I could see a pen getting damaged in shipping because the little sticker that holds them in place often falls off causing the pen to roll around in the box.

  24. Jason McCallum dit :

    I tried the Phan pens was very pleased. Thought I’d try this one. Received it and the lid was coming of(mouth piece). It hasn’t stayed on right since. Won’t be doing this kind again. But happy with phant so far.

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