Toko Gold Blue Dream CO2 Refill Cartridges

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5 réponses à “Toko Gold Blue Dream CO2 Refill Cartridges”

  1. Aaron dit :

    Just Ok

    I found this one to be just okay in comparison to Strawana, Durban Poison and Grape Kush… This one didn’t smoke up as nice and it became non functional even with some product left in it… A bit disappointing… Buzz was ok but I prefer the three mentioned above over this… I would likely not order this particular one again…

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  2. Aaron dit :

    De bonnes choses

    Nice taste to it… buzz hits good initially but doesn’t last as long as Durban Poison did… No throat burn or harshness to this… It’s smooth all the way… I’d have given it a 4.5 star rating if that was available… I tried the Passion Fruit before and I think that one was better for buzz longevity….

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  3. Leslie dit :

    Tastes pretty good and the hit is pretty hard after a few tokes but it wears off faster than a j
    However, very discrete and creates minimal smoke and is effective

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  4. Rajan dit :

    my go to

    I’ve tried different refills for my pen, mostly the strongest ones GWP sells, turns out this one has become my favorite. Taste is amazing & you get a nice day time clear headed buzz.

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  5. Adam dit :

    I can’t leave a star review on here? Well, I’d give it a four star if the option was available on this product.
    Pros: Best tasting oil I’ve ever had. Quality cartridge construction. Everything about this screams quality first.
    Cons: Well, quality of flavor means lots of terpenes inside which means less THC concentration is possible. It’s strong, but I have had stronger cartridges. The effects are deeper and more nuanced than the stronger cartridges (which were also very good, just some subtle effects of the strains were missing whereas this feels exactly like Blue Dream flowers). As a result, these are REALLY expensive for the milage you’ll get from it. $50 is a far more fair price.
    That said, Toko makes oil so exceptional quality wise I do indulge in them sometimes, so buy it but consider it a rare treat to justify the price (unless they drop the price sometime in the future).

  6. Laurie dit :

    I wasn’t expecting this one to be such a favourite. The flavour is so good when you vape it on low. I found the buzz hit me right in the face immediately — but in a good way. Warm and fuzzy. Felt very relaxed and comfortable. No paranoia and I didn’t feel like I was too dumb to have a conversation. Hard to stop vaping this stuff. Blue Dream 24/7 would make every day better. Try this one!

  7. Brody dit :

    If you like playing video games, this is the one for you! Awesome high, clear head, creative, relaxed

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