Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Moby Dick)

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10 réponses à “Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Moby Dick)”

  1. Adrian dit :


    Has a hash taste with lemon & pine. Smells like a very light incense or air freshener on exhale. I only need one or two puffs of this on low-medium heat for effects. Great for getting things done around the house!

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  2. Jennifer dit :

    Nice woody refreshing taste

    Like Pennywise it has a nice percentage of CBD so pain relief is almost imidiate without tell tell signs of utilizing your extract. Does not make u fossilize on the couch, u will wanna go sumthin guaranteed . Glad I bought a 3 pack and will do so again.

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  3. Matt dit :

    The white whale I was happy to see go

    Coming from more harder hitting strains like GSC, Moby Dick comes across as this very light Sativa that takes far too many draws to reach such a mild cerebral high. I will give it credit for its refreshing taste, and when you do finally feel the concentrate’s affects you can still be highly productive. I feel that because of its high CBD that this isn’t the best choice for moderate recreational users who are spoiled with having had heavier hitting stuff, and I regret not trying out the other options from South Coast. I hope that Toko has stronger Sativas in store.

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  4. James dit :


    Very good stuff but Whitepalm always 5star products so what can I say I try em all..

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  5. Valentine dit :

    Replace first cup of coffee

    I noted the comment of not as strong but this is exactly what I am looking for … the first cup of java experience. It delivers a calm high from the high CBD content and a clear and happy buzz from the THC. Two draws is all that is needed to get going.

    If you are a fan of Moby flowers like me, you may be disappointed that some of the Moby sparkle is lost in the translation. Moby flowers heightens sensitivity to light giving sunlight an extra warm tint so when you are high on Moby flowers everything around you looks brighter and happier. You get the happiness but the sparkle is less … if you know what I mean.

    For my work, web design, this is perfect. I am productive because I can remember what I am doing versus something stronger where keeping track of the task becomes very difficult.


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  6. Angel dit :

    Its ok

    I found that this wasn’t very strong. For me personally moby dick isn’t right. However my dad loved it.

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  7. Aysia dit :

    great stuff

    really uplifted me in both mood and energy. it’s great for a wake and bake treat

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  8. Eric dit :

    Good for the price and woody taste

    Great for daytime!

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  9. Alessandro dit :

    Great taste, perfect daytime strain!

    The taste is great! Nice and chill, uplifting but still able to function and not get too high.

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  10. Jason dit :

    Great wakeup

    Very nice buzz especially daytime. Isn’t the most potent but I didn’t buy for potency I bought for the quality of the strain and wasn’t dissointed

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