Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Pennywise CBD)

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14 réponses à “Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Pennywise CBD)”

  1. Stephan dit :

    Not my favorite but good for daytime use

    Title says it all. Wish I could still order the toko gold

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  2. Josh Wright dit :

    Pennywise is IT

    Love this product, only wish toko was still making it.

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  3. Stephen dit :

    Pretty Disappointing

    Bought this as South Coast was sold out. Using the SC battery. Runs out way faster than south coast comparable Greasy Pink. Lasted me a week, compared to SC Greasy lasting twice if not three times that amount. Tasted good the first few days and then developed a really bad taste that never went away. I’m a nighttime user and was left a little wanting with this strain. I found the effects to be a lot lesser than SC. I wouldn’t purchase again.

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  4. Cole Anderson dit :

    Very Pleasant

    I really love the Toko Gold series of products. Reliability is a huge factor for me and Toko has done a great job. Pennywise CBD has a really interesting taste, a bit of mint and citrus when used on medium heat. Very pleasant to use. My only issue is that it was not as good at treating my insomnia as a more heavy Indica. I guess that’s probably due to the lowered THC and higher CBD. Still a nice high, I felt very happy and relaxed without feeling too groggy. If you’re a night time user such as myself I would say there are better options, but it is still a great strain and I imagine that this would be great for daytime users looking to relax a bit. A word of caution though, while it takes a while to kick in, it lasts a long time.

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  5. Laurie dit :

    Mostly daytime...

    I agree with the reviewer saying that it is a perfect daytime strain. I would say (for myself) that I made some unusual mistakes while vaping this one at work. I enjoy the balance of the THC/CBD so much that I’m just going to be extra careful when using it as a 9-5 strain. My hands seem to hurt less when I’m consuming it. Oh, the taste is weird. I vape it higher so that I can’t taste it. I would describe it as an earthy-type smell. Not the sweeter notes I’m used to. I will be ordering this one again.

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  6. Gareth dit :

    A great daytime strain

    The cartridge is attractive and threads right on to my Southcoast battery. It arrives in a nicely designed small box with the strain printed on it. Ideal for easy storage and identfication as there is no other way to identify which strain you have by looking just at the cartridge.

    Taste: to be honest I just don’t taste much, if any, difference between strains of vaping oils, but then the same goes for smoking or vaping dried flower. While each method of consuming cannabis tastes different from each other, within each method the strains all taste the same to me. But then I can’t taste the road tar, seaweed and notes of peach compote others taste in Scotch either.

    Effects: this is a great 1:1 THC/CBD daytime strain. You feel the effects almost immediately with a slight dizziness but that soon gives way to a pleasant, relaxed calm feeling. It is effective in controlling pain and the high does not have you locked to the couch unable to do anything. The effects last a long time, several hours, and finally give way to a very content, happy, and sleepy state. The CBD content does a great job of controlling the THC effects and together they produce what has become my favourite daytime goto for vaping oils. Remember that everyone has an individual response to cannabis and your experience may not be like mine.

    Overall: A great product from Toko, although it does seem to disappear more quickly than other oil cartridges I have. Maybe it’s because I use it more often? In any case, I would recommend anyone looking for pain relief, and improved mood. Oh, and it does not produce the huge munchies that other strains do; probably the high CBD content tempering the THC. I bought a second one. Don’t want to run out!

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  7. Aysia dit :


    tasty, extra-strength

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  8. Dang dit :


    It’s a great oil for pain relief or if you need that little pick me up to get your mind right.

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  9. Nicole dit :

    Cartridge isn't even full......

    The oil cartridge doesn’t even come full, it’s only about 60% full which is a joke considering I paid $70 and it only lasted a week. The oil runs out SO quickly, works great but is way to expensive for the amount you actually get.

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  10. Mark dit :

    Awesome for my morning oh crap I hate my life pain....

    Awesome for my morning oh crap I hate my life pain….I have been looking for a strain like this in an oil vape keep up the Awesome job

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  11. Randy dit :

    As much as i am a THC lover, there is a synergistic effect when CBD is higher in the oil. Thanks guys.

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  12. Mohamad dit :

    i dont disagree with the reviews so far. Has a nice wood taste to it. the effect are a bit more deep than Phant, but i didn’t feel it was as fast acting as other reviews. in the same price range i’ve tried more potent from south coast. i would say it is in the same category as Phant, but Phant is almost half the price. on a more positive note, for the same amount of inhalations, the effects are longer lasting and slightly more potent. I wold say if this product is the same price as Phant, then i would give it 5 stars.

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  13. Eric dit :

    Good for the price!

    Not as great as phant but pretty close! Has more of a wood taste.

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  14. Jennifer dit :

    James pretty much said it all … TastE, works fast and requires a small amount. Luv TOKO

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  15. James dit :

    This stuff was really tasty and works like should…keep it up toko …more flavors it’s was to smoke it’s easy and clean.

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