Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Sugar Jack)

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3 réponses à “Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (Sugar Jack)”

  1. James dit :

    Good stuff toko…it dose the trick

  2. Jennifer dit :

    My all time fav

    This by far is the tastiest of the Toko line. Was uber happy to see the cartridge added to the site b/c I was literally smoking through the disposable pen. Will continue to buy the 3 pack

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  3. Gabryel Rousseau dit :

    My Favorite From far from toko Yet

    I think you should give a particular attention to this strain due to his incredible taste . I recommand you to taste it at the green level and to wait 15 minute if you want to use it at daytime because the headbuzz is just perfect for you. That doesnt interfere with your social Interaction. Favorite Flavour By yet . Will Highly Buy again And Recommand it hard. ForSugarJack!

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  4. Jake dit :

    Awesome product!

    I purchased this after i had already tried the South Coast product, and wow does it every taste better! The packaging it comes in s also WAY more professional , being sealed in a box as shown in picture. I was also impressed with the information shown on the back of the box (ingredients, THC etc.). I will 100% be purchasing this again Toko has the right idea here!

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