Toko Gold Girl Scout Cookies

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12 réponses à “Toko Gold Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. Laurie dit :

    Buy this one

    Don’t even bother with disposable vape pens because this one is a better investment. The pen itself is fun to use, bit you have to read the directions. As others say, the preheat function is pretty awesome. Love the gsc so much, though, that I’m going through it too quickly. Absolutely no complaints about this purchase.

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  2. Leslie dit :

    Took a bit to get use to but wow is it worth it!
    Very discreet and easy to use. Really love the different coloured indicator lights to tell you of the different settings.
    The GSC strain was fantastic! You can really taste the different flavour notes with the vape. And it is a pretty smooth smoke. It hits you pretty hard however I found didn’t last as long as a good old joint

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  3. Adam dit :

    First pen, great purchase

    Convenient, strong and the vapor is low odor. Plus GSC is a great strain.
    Loses one star only because the pen itself has a strong scent. Smells almost like it’s leaking but it definitely isn’t.
    I’m guessing that the oil is just that aromatic, but that does make discretion a little bit harder.
    It’s a great buy, just note if they are all like mine then the pen itself is a bit stinky in a telltale scent way.

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  4. Denis dit :


    Nice, very smooth and tasty! Great pen to boot!

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  5. Aysia dit :

    what a treat

    will 100% have to splurge on this again.

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  6. Matt dit :

    Should be called the Widowmaker...

    … because this pen is truly “one shot, one kill”. For the weekly or monthly toker, this thing will blissfully devastate you in smaller/chiller social functions with low physical activity or as a nightcap. The actual tech is amazing, but I originally was not a fan of the CO2 taste. There definitely is one that’s a shock to the senses, but it won’t kill you and you become accustomed to it after the first few times – it only started to have that cookies taste to me after that 50th hit. Trust me – these things are good for easily 150-200 hits. And for the average casual user, a draw or two at 3 seconds each will get you feeling it. It’s clearly not the strongest Indica on the site, but for people coming from bud it should go without saying that it’s a whole different ballgame. A more convenient, smokeless, healthier, but higher concentrated ballgame. And it’s a show that’s worth the money to play in – even seasoned smokers will think that $95 and additional $70 cartridges will be well worth the price of admission with what you get out of it.

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  7. Emily dit :

    Worth it!

    I am 100% satisfied with this pen. I have a flower vaporizer and it just does not give the same kick that this pen has! Take it to the movies, riding your bike, to a concert. No smell, just enjoyment for all :)

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  8. Kyle dit :

    Best Pen I have used

    Best cartridge pen I have used. 3 temp options provide great smoke depending on how you are feeling or what strain you are using. Works with other cannabis oil cartridges.

    Girl scout cookies provide a nice balanced high. great intro to the toko universe

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  9. Adrian dit :

    This is a must try!

    I never thought I’d venture off from smoking flower, but this has totally switched me. You don’t need many puffs at all to feel any sort of effect, which is great & I also love the fact that they’re so sleek & compact! A+++

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  10. Jean-Robert dit :

    WOW !!! AMAZING Product

    i give a try at this one refillable pen, cause i was not satisfied with one use pen from Toko. But the Toko Gold .. OGM, it’s a bit pricy but worth it,for a good smoker who want a little extra during common day. Really Strong and it taste like good Hash. grat quality and look really nice, and the Cartridge are the same as Southcoast. very easy to use !

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  11. Justin dit :

    Awesome pen. high was on point and the taste was way better then anything I was expecting. The 3 different temperature settings that all work great with the oils and that price is unbeatable for the quality of goodness you get.

  12. Yunge dit :

    The first shipped was a bad one,but they sent me a new one again. I’m very satisfied with that.

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  13. Michael dit :

    Wow wow wow wow wow happy happy wow wow extremely happy wow then the world an problems fade away epic strain pen heat setting high low med is sweeter than the phant pen more control on your vape hit nice job toko an Whitepalm amazed this is the item that had me Forrest Gump happy thank you so much for this item is a lifesaver in a way an then some!

  14. Martin dit :

    Got my pen today and I love it, easy to use and its very smooth, nice clear buzz. I already bought a 3 pak of refills.

  15. gary dit :

    Convenient and compact! great for at work or out on the go. Definitely worth shilling out the extra $$ over buying disposable one all the time

  16. Jennifer dit :

    Quick puff on the go

    Decided to try this after trying the free Phant pen for the first time and totally got sucked in by it ( nicely done Whitepalm wink wink)lol
    Best purchase ever, it tasted like old school hash and after one puff I felt the effects start which is hard pressed for a heavy conosuer. Nice to puff on the way to work and back home, have already bought one refill and will be buying the three pack next.

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  17. Mark dit :

    This electronic pen is fantastic. The pre heat function really helps. And the temperature adjustment allows for those big clouds. 10xbetter then other I’ve owned.

  18. James dit :

    This pen in 100times better than phants …and it totally works awsome ..opened in post office and puffing on all way…yummy

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