Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (GSC)

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10 réponses à “Toko Gold – CO2 Refill Cartridges (GSC)”

  1. John dit :

    Lets Toko!!!

    Good product very potent, good for after a long day at work. Price is also good for Co2 product. The only minor thing I didnt like was the taste (I am used to south coast CO2 delicious taste). But I have heard that Toko also has a blueberry flavor which I wouldnt mind trying maybe GWP will get it, cause other then the taste the product is awesome!!

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  2. Jennifer dit :

    Like my TOKO

    I luv after 3 puffs I feel effects. Bought the 3 pack because of it. Interestingly enough each cartridge had its own taste. Like John stated one was not so nice tasting but the others tasted more like hash. So I am uber excited to see new favours to order this week. TOKO pen is my new BFF!

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  3. Michael dit :

    Tasty treat almost don’t want to turn the pen off lol this I went through fast but im the biggest chronic around I can outsmoke willie cheech Chong whiz an snoop before my dinner fatty lol yep this I can’t get enough of expensive but qaulity that I find can’t be matched for my favourite strain to date love Girl Scouts cookies true beauty this stuff will leave you wanting more taste and wonderful effects with only a few small puffs yup epicness my total new love for sure

  4. Eric dit :

    Very effective and no smell at all!

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  5. Mark dit :

    Je l'adore.

    I love the get-up and get things done because you have a few hours of almost pain-free. Thanks

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  6. Brody dit :

    First Toko purchase

    Very happy with my Toko gold product and the GSC extract. Delivered to my door without any issues within 4 days of ordering, very impressed. The GSC extract is very potent and only takes 1 or 2 puffs to feel immediate effects. This being my first time using extracts as opposed to flowers, I wasn’t sure what to expect but let me tell you anymore than 1 or 2 puffs and you’ll be stuck on the couch for the next few hours! Beautiful product, couldn’t be happier. Best decision I’ve made in awhile.

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  7. Jason dit :


    Been helping with appetite and sleep great product

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  8. Mathieu dit :

    Good product

    Not perfect taste wise, but satisfied overall.

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  9. Janet dit :

    Toko gold rocks

    The best product in terms of oils out there. Whitepalm has also been excellent with service and quality of their other products.

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  10. Cole Anderson dit :

    Génial !

    This one really sneaks up on you. Had a few puffs and felt nothing then all of a sudden it washed over me. A great euphoric head high that is awesome. Listening to music was amazing with this and it lasts for so long. This and trainwreck are my favourites by far. Love it!

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  11. Josh Wright dit :


    This was a great product when they still made it. Got my friends and I very high. Seemed to burn very fast, but that may have just been how much we were hitting it.

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