Toko Slim CO2 VAPE PEN (Marionberry Kush)

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3 réponses à “Toko Slim CO2 VAPE PEN (Marionberry Kush)”

  1. Gabryel dit :

    The juice inside is awesome , but the pen...

    The pen is not always working , its always with toko slim that I used to open my shipment box , happy af , and try the little toko to Notice that they barely work Or they do not work at all . Thats always a risk to buy toko slim because of the durability . Please be careful if you live in place where its Hot because the liquid inside can evaporate in 23-24-25degrees hear thats why you dont always have the numbers of Puff it says.
    10\10 taste : the taste is macadelic
    9/10 effect : its perfect for School or when you need to keeep it active ! Much more like the Space Queenand sugar Jack !! But be careful!

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  2. Anikula dit :

    This pen not only taste good but it is really strong and effective thumbs up on my reorder list for sure

  3. Khoa420 dit :

    Smoothest pen ever !

    Wow! Sooo flavorful! The draw is soo smooth and easy compare to phant and south coast pens. Like the feeling of the plastic on the pen , very small and light .Very mild muscles relaxing feeling and fall asleep easily , wake up with lot of energy the next day even I had too much of this . 4 stars because not very potent compare to south coast pen and pen wont last long .

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  4. Ryan dit :

    The flavors off this pen are amazing it’s hard to put it down but it so small and easy to hide and looks like a ecigarette defiantly worth getting you will not be disaointed

  5. Jennifer dit :

    Love the small footprint of the slim pen. Maybe I liked it a little too much as it didn’t seem to last long lol. Loved the taste and the nice warming high I got. Great for on the go or at work when u need a quick top up

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  6. David dit :

    Marionberry and sugar shack are my new favourite pens. I wish i could order a variety 3 pack of toko pens for $125 though. Anyways great pen! 5/5

    Thanks Whitepalm!

  7. Jesse dit :

    Wowm did not expect the haul and effectiveness of this disposable by far the best one yet but i still love the phant pens aswell

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