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3 réponses à “Trainwreck”

  1. talia dit :

    try this one out my boyfriend has been cranky maybe this will make his mood better

  2. Ian Izatt dit :

    Very suttle pepper taste, with an extreamly smooth smoke. Has a pleasent strong earthy aroma. Helps the body relax

  3. James dit :

    This is probally my faverite bud that I’ve had..
    Be careful if driving after consuming u might

  4. Mike dit :

    I would put this on my top 10 list. Great buzz any time of day, not much of a burn out so I guess better during day light and your senses will be enlightened by the euphoria from this bud. Not a strong hitter but an instant one and lasts a while. I smoke at least a half quarter every couple of days and I still enjoy this one

  5. Jeff dit :


    Nice smooth smoke.
    Definitely clean burning.
    As far as Trainwreck flavor goes – Not – The spicy taste of pepper in true Trainwreck is for real, this bud does have that flavor unfortunately.
    Otherwise decent.

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  6. Andre dit :

    My favorite at this time

    The high is nice and level, you can smoke and hang out with friends or focus on your hobbies.

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  7. Joshua dit :


    This is a AAAA flower my wife really loved it

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