Tuna Kush

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4 réponses à “Tuna Kush”

  1. Jared Bull dit :

    Very nice for the price

    Very nice smell, smelt it as soon as the vacuum sealed bag was opened. Very nice smoke. Very enjoyable, especially for the price.

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  2. Valentine dit :

    Half oz for $65? I got high ...

    The price is what got me. I bought this as table wine and it delivers. The smell is pungent and fairly strong indica scent.

    The high is almost immediate and builds nicely for the first twenty minutes. It is not as heavy as the higher grade Tuna Kush but it is there. There is a decent heady head buzz and euphoria. The high last a good 90 minutes. Common folks, it’s $65 and for that price it delivers a decent time killing option.

    I have this slotted for the mid-day with a ton of “nothing to do” time to kill like camping or long long walks. It is my table wine.

    Northwest Cannabis, I salute you. Good job in bringing decent cannabis at rock bottom prices. Thank you from all of us enjoying it.

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  3. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Incroyable !

    This stuff rocks!!! Stinks your whole house up.
    The only thing not so good is alot of popcorn nugs but they are ylstill nice and tight also! Best 125 deal ive had on here ?

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  4. Danika Parent dit :

    Got it and we like it good taste !!:) will order more

    Un goût étonnant

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