Tuna Kush

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9 réponses à “Tuna Kush”

  1. Merv dit :

    Bon lot

    nice batch. to me the strain is agreeable and more like 50 / 50 hybrid

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  2. Mathieu dit :



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  3. Shawn dit :


    Looks and smells nice, nice dense nugs. Not the most powerful Indica, at least my batch wasn’t.

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  4. Veronique jacob dit :

    Nothing fishy about this stuff

    Awesome smoke nice and smooth with a great high one of my top ten for sure .

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  5. Dustin dit :

    Good smell good tastes nice price

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  6. Kd dit :

    This is good stuff.

    Just over halfway through my oz., and I couldn’t be happier. The smell leaks through whatever you put it in; I had it in a container, in two bags, in a backpack, in my trunk, and it still stunk up my car within 10 minutes. This strain makes me lazy, but I’m still capable of getting stuff done after smoking if I need to. Doesn’t completely knock me out, unless I’m already exhausted and smoke it late in the evening. Great for a rainy day wake and bake. 10/10 Would buy again!

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  7. Jared Bull dit :

    Amazing smoke for its price

    Darn good smoke for a darn good price. Smell is nice and skunky. Sticky buds. Sure glad I got some

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  8. Bradley dit :

    Great bang for your buck

    Again another strain from these guys and another great flower. Smooth and almost hash flavour. Heavy hitting but still can function if you have to.

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  9. Cody Gerlich dit :

    Excellent batch of flower. The smell is indeed dank. Very strong for the price. Is good at twice the price. Damn fine.

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  10. elsie dit :

    I enjoy the tuna kush, its a tasty flower, nice looking medium sized nugs. would buy again

  11. Patrick Odonnell dit :

    Great smoke again for the price. I am happy with it. It packs a punch and I would order it again. Thank you gwp

  12. JP Valeriote dit :

    Tuna Kush is a seriously effective strain and this batch is one of the most powerful I have encountered. A strong cerebral smile sets in quick and this stuff is beyond pungent in the bag. No joke..this is an INVASIVE but beautiful aroma. OK Craft nailed this cycle of Tuna. Serious impact! Nice work.

  13. Andre dit :

    For the price point, I am blown away. Beautiful medium size sticky coated nugs, proper nose proper taste really good hig
    At this prince point it will always be in my cart

  14. Mike dit :

    Very nice flower, so worth the price. I hope they don’t end up cranking the price up too high no this stuff, it is obviously very stuff . It could be dried a touch more as it is so sticky it’s a little hard to cut up and the stems on the Tuna were still a little flexible. It’s not a big deal though, it’s amazing flower for the price and a couple days with the top off of the jar will bring it to perfection. Nice dank smell and burns super smooth and clean. My joint did stay lit the entire time though even when not puffing on it steady. I’d buy this all day long. I should’ve probably grabbed an ounce.

  15. Rui Da Costa dit :

    Placed an order for more, before finishing the first smoke. I’m a heavy smoker (severe chronic pain), I know good smoke, and when I find it, I buy a lot of it. Heavy hitter, sticky icky icky, bargain basement pricing, makes effective pain relief, more accessible. I know it’s an introductory price, but, OK Craft definitely knows what’s up. GWP, keep finding them.

  16. Kris dit :

    Very nice taste and buzz !!! For the price definately 5 stars and a steal!!!

  17. Brandon Hayden dit :

    Awesome job on this one guys,everything about this tuna kush strain was on point.

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