White Castle

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Eighth of an ounce
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Faible Med Haut

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8 réponses à “White Castle”

  1. Anthony dit :


    this flower is everything I could have hope for the description was to the T on this one

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  2. Tara dit :

    Great smell and flavour. Enjoyed this as a relaxing evening smoke.

  3. robert dit :

    A bit of a disapointment

    It was not close to the WC im used to. The sweet smells and tastes which i was used to, was not there. Sure it gave you a lift, but that was short lived as well. Im am hoping that i just lucked out on the batch that everyone above me had. I will try again once they get a new shipment in

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  4. Alessandro dit :

    Want to eat like horse then sleep through an artillery barrage?

    Then this is it! When it comes to pain management then Middle earth wizardry was definitely involved when they made this strain. Munchies big time, so if you are on a diet hide EVERYTHING because it’s about to disappear! You don’t need much to feel the epic effects so take it slow otherwise you could be flying sky high in a world of green in no time.

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  5. Cory dit :

    Loved it thanks white palm ? ? ? ? ?

  6. Evan dit :

    Ordered this a while back. It packs a heavy punch. It kinda reminded me of mk ultra. Maybe even gg4

  7. francois dit :

    wonderful bud to smoke if you suffer from depression or anxiety. High energy in smaller doses. fantastic for parties or just to unwind after a long day at work.

  8. Ben dit :

    Great day time focus

    Time to get focused with this stuff . Spot on wp.

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  9. billy van scoy dit :


    very nice smoke would buy again.4 sure a 9.4

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  10. Jesse dit :

    If you could [email protected]$& this bud and marry it i would. Lol amazing in a doobie.

  11. billy van scoy dit :

    one of the best ive tried

    what more can i say roll 1 up then sit back and relax

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  12. Eric dit :

    WhitePalm is by far the best mail order cannabis I have had. This strain in particular is one of my all time favorites from the effect. As Far as the bud goes, I would give it a 9/10. The smell had a nice citrus, cheese like characteristic. The only notch against this bud would be the time it spent on the plant. It looks to me that small seeds are starting to grow, this had no effect on the quality, just the appearance.

    Would recommend WhiteCastle for experienced smokers, keep in mind “street weed” has THC anywhere from 10 -16 %. So this isn’t your typical “loud pack” from your local dealer.

  13. Lisa dit :

    don’t smoke this and drive. I love the mellowing effects of this strain, as it makes me super relaxed. Highly recommended for those with insomnia.

  14. Brad dit :

    Excellent at dealing with my circadian sleep issue. Low smell is ideal. High-ly recommended. Outstanding customer service.

  15. Riley dit :

    Great day Medication

    Picked this one up for thru the day, kept me upbeat while helping my anxiety and depression. After smoking a few throughout the day, when i got home and sat down i dident leave my spot for the night so good on both day and night aspects. Good taste, notes of strawberry break thru i was happily surprised with this pick up will try again for sure. whitepalm has yet to disappoint me!

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  16. Darryl dit :

    The smell alone will make you drool

    This was a tester strain, wasn’t expecting much but when you first smell it.. It’ll instantly make you roll one, the smoke was good with flavour and the high was a nice semi couch lock.. Would pick up again

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