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68 réponses à “Zombie!”

  1. Clinton dit :

    CliNtOnS BLoWn AwAy !?!

    I’ve gotta realy wonder what in HoLy HeLLs going on in the grow rooms over at SOUTHCOAST because they’ve really created something quite special with this new strain “ZoMBie” which they’ve been developing and perfecting in their labs so2speak. .

    South Coast “ZoMbiE” is a true QuAd StRaiN with everything a Connoisseur of Cannabis would be wanting and or looking for.

    It looks fantastic, smells awesome and tastes just like it smells and looks, awesomely fantastic !!!

    Canadas own KinG Of CaNnAbiS, FeLLa F. FaCaDe has rated this tastey strain 5/5 and feels that ZoMBiE is the very best strain from SouthCoast so far, the Ghosts BuBba was nice and The GrEaSy was great but ZoMBiE has them both beaten hands down.
    I’m sure glad to be one of the lucky new buyers/tryers of this special strain.

    FeLLa F. FaCaDe has triple F tested this new strain and feels the Fragrance, Flavour and Feeling are equally as pleasant as their other top notch strains Greasy/Ghost but ZoMBiEs got everything they’ve got and then some !?!

    The feelings from ZoMBie goes straight to the head, settles over the eyes and then works its way down inside every single nerve, muscle and brain cell.

    The only wish that i have for the ZoMBiE was that i’d bought twice as much, LoL !?!

    Thank you DeaNoBro at WhitePaLm for finding and bringing us this gorgeous flower to experience ?!?

    I’m thinking its time to try the SouthCoaSts “BLackBeRRy”, hahaha

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  2. Sheena Campbell dit :

    Another South Coast beauty

    South Coast does it again this zombie is just incredible taste appearance density potency a perfect 10 a must try

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  3. Kris Kiraly dit :


    This stuff is amazing!!! Everything about it is 5 stars!

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  4. Mark dit :


    Excellent tastes good and gets me baked

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  5. Sascha dit :

    Not bad but lacking potency. Taste is ok but I was expecting more from south coast. Overall not worth it for the price. Kinda disappointed….

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  6. Patrick Hood dit :

    Great stuff but..

    Great stuff but my only issue with this strain is that it truly does produce heavy munchies every time. I’d prefer just to have the high.

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  7. Russell dit :

    Straight FUEGO

    Some of the best flower I’ve had in 25 years. Thank you Ghost/

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  8. Kelcy Connell dit :

    Looked good

    When I received my order I was very excited by the looks of it but found it had a very low potentcy for me and had no effects.

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  9. Joshua dit :

    The best

    I love this.but it’s never in stock when I want to order.Get a huge batch next time.

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  10. Anthony Wellman dit :

    Pretty stuff

    This is beautiful looking bud. But you guys dont need to worry, Greasy pink will hold down the crown. Although the BlackBerry looks like it has a strong smell,with those dark indica leaves. If it smokes like it looks it could be the energetic alter ego to the greasy. All in all not my favourite but it’s a nice looking and smoking plant. For the avg smoker this is ideal before trying something in the greasy spectrum.

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  11. John dit :

    Three hundred years ago I thought I might get some sleep ...

    Did you ever wake up in the morning with a zomby woof behind your eyes?
    Great weed, very close to being as good a Greasy Pink. Love them both. South Coast products deliver.
    This Zombie! is strong and tasty.
    I’m tellin’ you all the zombie troof, here it is the Zombie! woof.

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  12. Joshua dit :


    Easily the #1 strain available. Please get a lot more.This is what I strive for.Thanks White Palm.

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  13. Johnny B. dit :

    The taste was woody, not much of a terpene profile

    Along with the Blueberry AK, I found this drop from South Coast to be not very good. It might be a heavy hitter on the test, but I found the taste to be pretty basic, doesn’t have that nice resinous cure which vapes so well. Covered in trichomes but lacking a strong terpene profile. I give it a meh and much prefer the greasy Pink

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  14. paul lauwereys dit :

    waouh, waouh

    best I think I ever had in 35 years of smoking…. thanxs wp keep them high high thc flowers coming….

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  15. Francis dit :

    Wow but 25gramm suppose to be 28 :/... dissapointed about quantity

    … Nice Strain but quantity scale 25.47 g suppose to be 28g ..

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  16. Mike dit :

    Très bien !

    It’s nice to see some new strains from South Coast coming out! This stuff has awesome bag appeal, very light green buds just caked in crystal. The smell isn’t near as dank as the greasy strains but it still smells nice. I found the high to be a bit of a creeper, I smoked one this morning and didn’t feel much when I was near to the end of the joint and actually started to think the stuff was weak but I got a very strong high that kicked in very soon after finishing the joint. Very smooth clean burning smoke. It got pretty sticky when I was cutting it up as well. Keep it up South Coast, we need more high end strains that we can purchase more than a half quarter of.

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  17. Matthew dit :

    Nice bud

    Finally got to try this out after waiting almost 2 weeks and getting the wrong amount on my order. However when I did finally test it out I was decently pleased. Nice looking buds with a smooth smell and taste. I wasn’t as stoned as what I was expecting for such high THC numbers though. For sure not a couch lock. The stone wore off quite quickly I found. But I think after smoking for so many years I’ve become immune to anything I smoke lol. In all it’s worth the money and the beautiful look of the nugs alone makes you not even want to smoke it and save it forever. Good for a try.

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  18. Dylan dit :

    Defs better than greasy pink amazing all around potent stuff!!!

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  19. Nick dit :

    Tastes fantastic. Smoked beautifully. First time trying a south coast strain, was not disappointed

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  20. billy van scoy dit :

    watch out zombie attack

    this 1 is gonna give greasypink a run for number 1

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  21. James Carrier dit :

    Very Nice !

    Very good weed. Looked like the pic this time. Beautifuly
    Coreved in crystal. Very smooth in the vape. Actually got a nice lift of it. ( 40+ years a daily smoker, super hi tollarance) now if it can give me a life every time, not just the first hit of the day I’ll be happy!

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  22. Joshua Shepherd dit :

    Ghost delivers yet again

    Not as pungent smell as described, rather kind of dull to the nose . Nice trim work and Very clean burn , smooth draws , very nicely cured, super frosty , even more than his batch of gg#4 you can tell a grower cares about his plants when they turn out like this time and time again . I would say it’s on par with his gg#4 in potency but I don’t think he has to worry about it giving Greasy pink bubba a run for its money , I personally don’t think you have another strain even close to touching Greasy pink bubba. Oh and on a side note I’m not sure what happened but it took a week for this order to get delivered for some reason as it normally only takes two days , hope that issue gets fixed asap as I went without my medication for a week because of this mishap.

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  23. Corey dit :


    Its Burns so Smooth you think you’re smoking Sativa nice taste also you will definitely get Stoned

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  24. Blake dit :

    Real Nice Bud

    I routinely order the greasy, was pumped to see some more strains by South Coast. Would rate 10/10 look, 10/10 smell, 9.5/10 high (ive had some greasy batches hit me a little harder), one of the top bags ive ever gotten from the site, been ordering for a year straight, will order more

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  25. Joshua dit :

    Un truc génial

    Best I’ve seen in a while.Nice buds.Burns clean.Just as good , if not better than the gorilla glue.

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