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About the strain:
Magic Mushrooms
Low Med High

Dames Gummy Co. exceeds exceptions with their 3000mg Psilocybin Gummies mind-bending infused gummies. Intended for an advanced user, these delectable fruit flavoured treats allow you to relish the therapeutic benefits psilocybin has to offers with it’s consistent micro-dosing formula.

Take a trip to the moon with Dames Gummy Co.’s exquisite sour sugar dusted cherry or grape fruit flavoured 3000mg psilocybin gummies. Like all Dame’s gummies they’ve crafted the perfect recipe for these euphoric goody’s without the bitter and awful aftertaste of dried mushroom’s. Unlike conventional dried mushroom’s you’ll find these easy on your tastebuds and tummy too. The essence of these shroom micro-dosed edible gummies will have you feeling uplifted, illuminated, and cheerful.

The entire package contains a total of 3000mg of psilocybin and 12 gummies, with each gummy perfectly micro dosed containing 250mg of psilocybin. Perfect for precise and custom dosing… depening on the trip you want to have.

The gummies are perfect for first timers, casual tripping, or intense mystical journeys.

Psilocybin Gummies Dosing Guide

  1. For something casual to microdose with OR if you are a beginner, try 1 gummy and wait 45-60 minutes. 1 gummy contains 250mg of psilocybin.
  2. For those looking for a blasted experience try 2-3 gummies and wait 45-60 minutes.
  3. Lastly, if you want to leave planet Earth for a couple hours then go with 4+ gummies but be responsible please!


Depends on the dosage: from focused with a microdose to leaving Earth on a spiritual journey with 3+ gummies
Gummies per pack:
Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Psychedelic Psilocybin Distillate, Natural Flavours
Cherry and Strawberry
Allergy warning:
Made in a facility where peanuts are used
About the vendor:
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Exquisite cannabis and magic mushroom edibles
1 Customer Reviews

Kick back and have a dank delight with the newest THC oil infused gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. Once you’ve tried the confectionery mastered recipe of gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. the classic treat will never be the same. In addition to the divine taste, they pack a punch leaving you in a euphoric relaxed state.

9 responses to “3000mg Psilocybin Gummies”

  1. Ken says:

    Shroom gummies (dames)

    Well it’s about time someone started thinking about us hmmm.seasoned medicators .some mg’zu can have some fun with took 4 for a tester .and nicely surprized. Actually felt like I was floating for a bit .good giggle session that was a nice touch ..took 2 more .had some fun for a couple hrs .it was kool think I’ll try 6 next time ….oh and they taste awesome. Nice job .

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  2. Bob says:

    Perfecto baby

    These are super BOMB! Took 2 and i was feeling super vibey for 3 hours. Very cool product. Can’t wait until they do mushroom vape pens haha

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  3. Jeff says:

    Delicious Brain Candy

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    These gummies are a fantastic way of accurately micro-dosing, given the nature of the potential for the uneven distribution of medicine in weighing out dried mushrooms. The exact amount of distillate per piece is extremely useful in a therapeutic setting, and is also an incredibly tasty way to have measured psychedelic adventure, if that is what your goal is. An extremely useful and simultaneously potentially very fun product.

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  4. Andrew Mills says:

    Will buy again

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    My friends and I each had 2-3 over a half hour or so. Nice energetic and uplifting, had some good laughs!

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  5. TS says:

    Not impressed

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    Very disappointing!! I’ve never done mushrooms before so I was expecting a mystical journey and instead felt nothing! I took 6 gummies and 5 hours later still no effects. Unfortunate.

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  6. cory says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    I was really looking forward to a little mushroom trip, I have tried the 1500mg, first night ate 5 and nothing, 2 days later finished the 7 that were left and still nothing and these are not cheap, so i was even more disappointed when I ate 8 of the 3000 and zero effects. Now I am out almost 80$ and not so much as a cheap weed high. If you can afford to throw 50$ away, I would say, give em a shot, they obviously work for some people or so it seems, if you cant, go with something else, just a warning.

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  7. francois turck says:

    Felt nothing....

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    First time trying mushroom for me and my friend, we both took 4 gummies and felt absolutely nothing…. Very disappointed.

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  8. Alex A says:

    Not a real trip

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    The first time I tried it with my brother we took 6 of the 1500mg one. After about three hours of “Are you feeling anything yet?” we decided to smoke weed. So yeah, we weren’t impressed. What I will say is that maybe these gummies helped enhance our high, but that’s it. About a month later I tried the 3000mg one by myself. I ate the whole package, all 12 gummies one after the other. I think it kind of worked, but it wasn’t even close to “a trip to the moon.” It felt more like I had just woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom than a mushroom trip. Again, I resorted to weed. Again, I felt like my high was enhanced. So, for me at least, these gummies are not potent enough. And no, I don’t think I have a high tolerance level. Feel free to try, I’m just letting you know how it went for me.

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  9. Nick says:

    Weak Product.

    Bought these because I liked the sound of having measured equal doses for pridictable highs. However after taking the whole bag at once, this product does NOT give the same effects as 3gs of dried mushrooms. Only a light floaty feeling. No visuals Dissapointed.

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