Afghani Bullrider (10:1 THC:CBD)

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About the strain:
Low Med High

EVB's Afghani Bullrider strain is a special Indica that blends Bullrider with Afghani Landrace genetics. 2% CBD aids in reducing inflammation, pain and insomnia. 10:1 THC to CBD ratio.

EVB’s Afghani Bullrider is a full indica with 2% CBD. This strain is excellent for helping with pain and inflammation reduction, curing insomnia and just generally taking it easy. A strong body buzz as well as a head high that apparently makes one feel as if they are floating and/or riding a bull. :) After the intial head high/body buzz, a mild couch lock sets in and you will be able to pass out with ease.

This flower is no different from a typical EVB flower: amazing smell, trim and nose. Nothing beats the quality of an EVB flower. The flowers from these guys are the true definition of AAAA weed. Unparalleled perfection.

In case you aren’t aware, all EVB flowers come in special containers to protect the delicate trichome clusters and to maintain trim integrity. EVB is the finest of wines in the flower world and we do our very best to maintain the superior quality of their products.

Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric
Inflammation, Insomnia, Pain, Nausea
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3 responses to “Afghani Bullrider (10:1 THC:CBD)”

  1. Mike says:

    Alright, not one of my favorites

    I wasn’t too impressed with this strain. Has a mild smell and not too much taste and I didn’t find it very potent at all.

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  2. Steven Telford says:

    This one is good for a body high . Light creeper . Looks good but average . Expensive for average

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  3. Gordo says:

    Great for High CBD Strain

    I am not sure the other reviewers noticed this is a high CBD strain. I personally found it amazing. I have arthritis in my right knee and after toking this one, I can get my chores done no problem. If these other people don’t like it I guess there’s more for me.

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