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About the strain:
Low Med High

Rejuvenate THC receptors aiding increased THC absorption. Nobody has to quit but it’s recommended to do so for a 5-7 day period. Lower your tolerance and save your heard earned money.

Dietary supplement containing 60 capsules full of Superfoods and anti-oxidants.  Having a tough time with THC tolerance? BC Bud and concentrates deliver a very powerful psychoactive high. But sometimes, this effect can become diminished or not feel as potent due t o constant use.

For daily longtime users, THC tolerance can be a huge pain. You end up having to spend more money on product to reach your desired effects. Maybe a year ago all you needed was one joint to get you stoned but now you need a joint and 5 bong rips.

How to reset your tolerance with the Better High Supplement 7 Day Regimen:

– Take 1 capsule 3 times per day for 7 days

That means that one bottle is good for 3 full regimens.

About the vendor:


Affordable high quality Canadian cannabis strains.
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The world’s most famous and favorite strains at affordable prices. All homegrown in the British Columbian back country.


2 Responses to “Better High”

  1. Hendrik Vanderbyl says:

    Actually Works

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I’ll admit, I didn’t have very high expectations for this product. I assumed it would serve as a placebo to help get through a week-long break from my usual habitual use, and probably taking some undeserved credit for the resulting lower tolerance at the end of the break. Taking pills twice a day definitely helped take my mind off smoking. By the end of the week, the difference was surprising. Much more effective than even the two week break I would usually take. I’m smoking the same batch as before the break, and it even tastes and smells different. I’ll definitely use this product again. However, this site says to take one pill three times a day while the bottle says four pills twice a day. I followed the bottle.

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  2. Bob says:

    Worked for me

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    My tolerance was getting super high and I was spending way too much money on flower. Took these for 7 days (3x per day) and I actually notice a huge difference now. Only need to smoke a 0.5g joint instead of 2 x 1g joints to feel the same effects.

    Lovely stuff. Going to do this cleanse once per month!

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