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About the strain:
Low Med High

17 responses to “Bruce Banner”

  1. Eric says:

    This looks nice and potent!

    This will be next on the list!!! Amazing strain overall! Yet to smoke a bad batch of it!

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  2. Brad says:

    Bruce Banner is probably one of my top 3 favs! I was totally stoked to see WP added it to the roster..
    This medicine is fantastic. It’s got a great smell and I just finished a session with with my hopper. The result is nothing short of perfect. My pain has eased and i have a very euphoric mellow buzz rollin. My only disappointment…and I’m sorry to say that i have one….is that the majority of the O i ordered doesn’t contain a bud much larger than a cheerio. That aside, BB @ WP has undoubtedly got to be one of their top picks at the moment…highly recommended!!

  3. Shawn says:

    I had this batch but I’m sure it wasn’t grown by the same growers so I would like to try this type of bruce banner from whitepalm since their strains are grown from the best growers in canada

  4. billy van scoy says:

    green strong hulk

    nice smoke very nice smell in the bag i was hoping for a very berry taste when smoking. berry but not very berry. small buds but that should not matter. a new favorite again great job

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  5. michael says:

    Not so hot

    Sorry to say WP but this one was very disappointing. Bruce Banner as his unassuming self. No bang for the buck. I honestly wish I could have returned this one.

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  6. Jennifer says:

    Uber nice head & body buzz. Went for 2 1/2hr walk after a bag of this! Very tastE bud, luv that berry taste …

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  7. Mike says:

    This is my second-favorite bud that I’ve gotten from White Palm. Incredible blueberry smell, kind of tastes like northern lights, powerful stone. Hope you get more soon, this quarter didn’t last long! Good thing the greasy pink is back in stock.

  8. Ryan says:

    The potinacy is high on this guy the buds were small but tight and had a awesome smell perfect couch weed

  9. deidre says:

    I smoked alot one day because I wasn’t getting high enough and I realized that it kicked in a couple minutes later. Started to feel that buzz relaxation.
    But after all I love this one. It smells good taste good and feels good. I give this bud a 99.99.9% .
    ♡♡♡♡ love the quality. Great job too the growers. Top shelf quality ♡♡♡

  10. Jason says:

    #1 strain

    Just a top notch strain, not for the beginner. Smooth smoke, great smell and taste. A must buy every time it is restocked.

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  11. Marc says:


    Try so many bruce on so many site but the bruce from south coast was the real things ;) you need to taste to understand

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  12. Tyler says:

    High hopes

    I am yet to try this from white palm or its growers but I am very accustomed to Real well grown, sweet beautiful always packs the perfect punch BRUCE Banner. That being said my experience on white palm so far is a bit limited but have always had a great experience with top knotch customer service. I am waiting for south coasts version of this strain to be available and like my headline says I have high hopes. I really rely on these customer reviews for the most honest and experienced critique I can get before making my purchases. I encourage everyone to leave reviews for their orders. Let’s help each other find the right medicines and help let our growers and white palm know what we the consume really wants. Every strain I have tried from south coast so far has been fantastic, I really hope Bruce Banner is no exception to this when it becomes available again…………… Now if you could make or ask for any hybrid… Which 2 strains. Would you cross? For me I think for sativa hybrid jack herer and east coast sour diesel. And for indica I would absolutely love to see someone finally come out with a blueberry Bubba or blueberry death bubba

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  13. Adam says:

    This batch thumbs down

    This batch I purchased some.of seems to be tiny buds (who cares i know) but tbey taste like dirt n nutes and the buzz was meh at best… sorry I have had WAY bettet.

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  14. Dylan says:

    Very good stuff

    Heavy hittting i would recomend for conniseurs

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  15. deidre says:


    Has to be my favorite.
    Tasty bud I can’t get enough of.
    I say it’s a tied with gorilla glue and Bruce banner.

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  16. Courtney says:

    Hulk smash...somewhat

    bud size was good. Taste not the greatest, but found it packed a punch st the end of a long day. Did find the buzz was slightly short lived but overall a solid 4!!!

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  17. RJ says:

    Bruce banner is my new go to!!

    There’s nothing bad or wrong that I can say about this beautiful bud! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the effects of a good indica! 10/10 without a doubt

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  18. Roderick says:

    Well done

    Just flat out upper shelf weed. All the strains I’ve tried I expect harsh smoke for how potent it is and looks but always smooth and tasty. Five star.

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  19. Aysia says:

    Oh man....

    As if I didn’t love Marvel’s genius hot-headed character enough already, this beauty of a strain came along! Smooth, flavourful. A melt into the couch type of weed. Sparkly.

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  20. Tab says:

    Hulk smash!


    When in stock— do yourself a favour- order this!!!

    The smell, taste– the thc level is *winks*

    Tough week- banner that sh!t away

    Nothing matters but the high and relax this strain supply’s. In my industry, that’s a gift. :-D

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  21. trish says:

    I have all the seeds saved if wanted back lol

  22. Kristy says:

    Bring it back !!!

    Can’t wait for this strain to be restocked!!!

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  23. Joshua says:


    Bruce Banner was a high quality quad indica flower, it had be glued to the couch highly recommended.

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