Critical Mass – 3% CBD

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About the strain:
Low Med High

11 responses to “Critical Mass – 3% CBD”

  1. Colin says:

    Did you sleep? I slept.

    Anyone that struggles with pain or insomnia needs this now. This is medicine. I am in love with the effects these guys produced from this bud. I had no experience with higher CBD strains and wow, just wow. Tastes great, burns clean, still packs a good THC punch and tucks you in at night…zzzzz

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  2. Dylan says:

    Very medicinal

    This is a sleeper strain watch out its for bed time use it hits hard behind the eyes good smoke very good bud structure and smelly nose i love it
    High 9/10
    Taste 9/10
    Appearance 8/10

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  3. Ryan says:

    great for couch chill and sleep

    This is the perfect before bed weed. Love smoking and sitting down to a good show. If you struggle with your mind running on and on about negative things this weed is a perfect fit. Zero paranoia and zero negative self inflection which I struggle with while smoking some varieties.

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  4. Brian says:

    Afghani crossed with skunk#1? SIGN ME UP!!

    Appearance 10/10 light green medium to large sized SUPER dense rock hard buds just covered in red hairs and thick sticky white lush crystal.
    Aroma 10/10 thick strong citrus and earthy notes that tickle the nose and numb the throat, awesome! this is how weed is supposed to smell!
    Flavor 10/10 heavy thick strong delicious flavored vapor!, i can taste the afghani and the skunk, combined they blend for a very strong skunky citrus flavor! HEAVY coming in and HEAVY going out! LOVE IT! NOT for light weights.
    Active effects 12/10 HEAVY head and body high that just annihilates any pain, perfect night time strain, will put you to sleep if you need help with that!
    Overall 10/10 this is what i’m looking for, strong potent great smelling and tasting bud that feels awesome and is effective at fighting pain.
    Please keep this in stock white palm!

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  5. Angel says:

    Having trouble sleeping not anymore.

    I suffer from insomnia and p.t.s.d. and this critical mass has been a blessing. I use to sleep 1-2 hours a night with horrifying nightmares, and since i found this stuff i can sleep 6 hours of nightmare free sleep. Thank you.

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  6. Leslie says:

    Puts me at ease

    I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that makes me feel like I can’t breathe, I found that this strain takes the edge off my panic attacks and helps me breathe again.
    The smell was very fresh and light, that is not to say that it wasn’t strong and pungent … It just smelled like fresh cirtus in the summer time
    The high was not debilitating, but rather allowed me to view things from a more calm and slow perspective

    Great stuff

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  7. Dylan says:

    Heavy hitting

    Good medicine good for chemo insomnia and headaches

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  8. Johnny B. says:

    Vaped beautifully, fresh taste, nugs looked beautiful.

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  9. Aysia says:


    A heavy hitter that will for sure knock you out. I accidentally smoked this during the daytime once. It was a short day.

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  10. Brandon Hayden says:

    Critical mass hits a home run

    Definitely worth a try,just got mine in the mail today and I’m sedated in a good way,definitely a strong Indica to relax with

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  11. riley hamel says:


    Nice crystallized buds, orange hairs definitely worth the try I am glad I did especially for the price of 144/oz!?taste is skunky yumm..

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