East Coast Sour Diesel

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Eighth of an Ounce

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About the strain:
Low Med High

0 responses to “East Coast Sour Diesel”

  1. Ad says:


    Was expecting something out of this world, or at least a AAAA for $50 an 1/8th. I’m honestly not joking, I grew some outdoor this summer and it was on par with this sour diesel. Loose, airy buds, hardly any smell, weak taste and flavor, and the high was almost non existent! I had to smoke two full cannons just to get rid of my pain! Pretty disappointing.

  2. Sean Rose says:

    After trying congo,jotake and congo black. I was looking forward to this. Big disappointment. Dry. Horribly trimmed. To top it off I accidentally bought 3 HQ’s.

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