Chronic Mint Shatter

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Low Med High

6 responses to “Chronic Mint Shatter”

  1. James says:

    Really nice stuff..alot of other shatter kinds make me cough alot not this stuff…

  2. Anna says:

    My new favourite kind , don’t need a huge amount to get you medicated, really good consistancy, highly recommended

  3. Janelle says:

    This is my first time trying shatter and it’s great! Super discreet in my Phant pen and a little goes a long way!

  4. Khoa420 says:

    Dean ! Why cant I leave a review ? But can only write as a reply? Same thing with some other product . So weird man!
    This shatter is amazing the first time you open the bag , smell like lemongrass . When dab , smell so lemony ! Great high ! Only con , shatter is on a piece of paper. Will give it another try .

    • marihuana says:

      Hey! We’ll look into it today for you.

      Seemed this one worked though. It comes up as a comment.

      Also, I am sure that as GOC get’s bigger and they have a bigger budget for packaging, the wax paper will be replaced by something fancy :)

  5. Janelle says:

    I’m still getting used to the difference in medication levels between the Phant pen and my table top vape, but this gives a nice, gentle feeling without using much at all.
    Smells delightful and a little goes a long way!!

  6. Shawn says:

    Very good medicine, great flavour, balanced high, leaning slightly to body.

  7. deidre says:

    Love the deep minty taste it has that earthy mint is like a smooth combination.
    I give this constant extract a 5 star.
    Love this indeed.

  8. Darren says:

    Great taste, does have mint undertone but not as strong as I expected or hoped for. 4.5 stars would recommend just for the experience.

  9. Nicole says:

    This was a great shatter.. I only needed a small amount I am finding that I like GOC anything and everything from them. I Will be keeping an eye out for new flavours to arrive? Lol excellent selection as it stands now guys!

  10. Angel says:

    Wow amazing flavour

    I cant believe how much this tastes like mint when dabbed at a low temp. Excellent pain killer as well.

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  11. Aysia says:


    sweet body high. gets you stoned with very little product.

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  12. Brendan says:

    Chronic mint

    Nothing super special about this shatter. It is effective and does as advertised. Not a big fan on the taste. Not sure why everyone loves shatter as much. Budder is better in everyway

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  13. KAREN RUSSON says:


    Excellent euphoric daytime medication

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  14. NIM says:

    Its alright > 6.5/10

    To beginning with, this stuff was GOOEY! It stuck to the paper. I understand climate plays a factor, but this stuff definitely becomes sticky and soft very fast. I put it in the freezer immediately just so I can handle it enough to make it into desired sphere sized dabs. Not long after taking this stuff out of the freezer it softened. Store this stuff accordingly!
    The flavour is there, minty and leaves a fresh sort of feeling in my mouth. High is mellow, comes in waves. Perfect for daytime use.

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  15. Sean McElroy says:


    So minty and smooth! Such a great buzz and decent CBD levels! It’s So minty! But not a peppermint. Like a skunky weed mint flavour. You can’t go wrong with this stuff!

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