Green Apple Shatter

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Low Med High

5 responses to “Green Apple Shatter”

  1. Angel says:

    Wow amazing flavour

    I cant believe the flavour of this shatter. It’s absolutely incredible. I don’t know what combination of terpenes you have to mix to get this green apple sour kind of flavours but its amazing. Phenomenal pain killer as well. Be prepared to be stuck to your couch.

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  2. Aysia says:


    The taste of this!!!! So sweet. Prepare yourself. Have snacks, and any remote controls needed nearby, because once you take a dab of this you’ll melt into the couch.

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  3. Brian says:

    Green Apple shatter

    Aroma 7/10 smells sweet like apples but not in a natural way and not like weed, i need to see some of this bud that they are making this stuff out of, it’s hard to say without knowing the source material how i feel.
    Flavor 8.5/10 strong sweet vapor with a definite apple flavor, the flavor is nice but it feels processed or manufactured and not natural, i need to see this bud to make a more informed breakdown.
    Active effects 9/10 good pain reliever, will knock you out if you want, good body stone the head high is a little racey and spaced out.
    Overall 8.5/10 gets the job done, tastes better than a lot of shatter but it also tastes processed and that’s kind of off putting but survivable.
    I am not a big shatter fan, i decided to try some of the god’s own concentrates to see if they could change my mind, while i don’t regret purchasing them i will be spending my extract dollars elsewhere in the future, just personal preference is all.
    I do recommend you try them and see for yourself.

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  4. Brendan says:

    second to none in quality

    Two dabs of this before i went to bed and i had a great nights sleep. I dont recommend for daytime use if u wanna sleep. But it has decent taste and good a buzz for on the way to bed. And this made me eat like a mo fo.

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  5. Joshua says:


    Tastes like apples a lot.Very potent.A must try.

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