Golden Goat

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About the strain:
Low Med High

14 responses to “Golden Goat”

  1. Joshua says:


    Some of the best flowers around right here.This one is best for night usage. Highly recommended.

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  2. Valentine says:

    What a nice surprise!

    It’s a really nice uplifting high. You get a huge dose of happiness, which propelled me to write this review :)

    The high is very alert and no haziness … been about 10 minutes since I finished vaping. Could change … very very nice so far

    Well done Highland!

    And, well done on the delivery and speed of service to the GWP team all the way from BC faster than the Ontario government can deliver within its own Province.


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  3. Kris Kiraly says:

    Very nice!

    This stuff tastes and smells amazing ! Also a great buzz for daytime! Buds could be a little more dense but still 5 stars for sure!

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  4. Ryan says:


    This strain smells as good as it tastes and packs a real punch

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  5. Clinton says:

    CLiNtOnS says the GoaTs aGoGo !!!

    Another great strain from HighLand and I thought the GodBuBBa was AwEsOmE ?!?

    The GoaT is a great all around PuFF, its smooth going in with hints of mint and instantly heady. Canada’Sss own, “FeLLa F. FaCaDe” ThY self proclaimed “KiNg oF CaNNaBiSss” rates this strain at a 4/5 for having been a first time buyer and tryer of ThE GoaT.
    Cant wait to try The Kish that ive also ordered from a new favorite of mine, thanks again White Palm and HighLand !?!

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  6. Corey says:

    Sweet Goat Kush

    1st of all this strain reeks literally of sweet and sour flavors my whole house smelt like Goat kush it was crazy had to double seal it for sure the high hits your mind right away the body Buzz comes after it’s a very sweet tasting strain

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  7. Brendan says:

    Goat is a little excessive

    This is a visually appealing bud. It’s def not a goat. I’ve had the goat and this not it. But it does do the trick

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  8. Aysia says:

    I love long lasting highs!!!! This strain delivers!!!! Absolute head to toe, and smooooooth flavour.

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  9. Brian says:

    Top tier flavor and aroma, sour citrus bliss.

    Appearance 9/10 dense,full but still squishy beautiful lime green buds absolutely saturated in a thick blanket of white lush crystal, a few pail hairs,trimmed very well and has a killer cure!
    Aroma 10/10 smells like lemon haze and citrus skunk concentrate! a real nose tickler!,Awesome! Sour citrus bliss! An instant classic.
    Flavor 10/10 Sour citrus vapor, thick and delicious! thick strong smooth delicious vapor, a new favorite for sure.
    Active effects 9.5/10 instant energizing mood elevator, creeper body buzz that works well for pain, long lasting and very enjoyable, great daytime bud, the kind of stuff that i love while fly fishing mountain stream’s.
    Overall 9.5/10 pretty damn good!, smell’s and taste’s elite, and it provide’s a long lasting energizing high.
    TRY IT.

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  10. Conor says:

    good smoke

    i am going to have to go back and have another smoke to see what I think but it is ok, not blown away or anything. but it is good to try other bud just to realize how good the “go to” bud is.

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  11. Tyler says:

    Greatest of All-Time

    This weed lives up to its name. From the first bowl you can tell its smokes clean, tastes great, leads into a nice relaxed high without any anxiety/paranoia, definitely do not feel burnt out after the high fades. 10/10 in all categories. Has a nice colour and solid bud structure. Can tell its a combo of different strains, all the best parts from those strains packed into one fantastic strain of Cannabis. Big Golden GOAT fan.

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  12. Justin says:


    Stunning look. Stunning nose. Stunningly effective.
    Top shelf doesn’t even do it justice, this is higher than top shelf.
    Don’t buy it though, I want it ALL FOR ME! LMAO
    try it, enjoy it and share it!

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  13. Mike says:


    This bud is pretty good, it’s fairly strong and has a great bag appeal. I sort of found the taste reminded me of the Kish. I would buy this stuff again.

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  14. Sheldon says:

    Amazing flower

    Beautiful buds with an amazing smell! Would buy over and over again!

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