Pure CBD Vape Refill – 98% CBD.

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16 responses to “Pure CBD Vape Refill – 98% CBD.”

  1. Glen says:

    Getting used to CBD

    i’m new to cbd so it’ll take a bit to get used to how this works. i smoked too much one morning and it was so calming i slept for the entire day. One or two puffs is enough to keep things clear and easy. i think it’ll be useful for anxious days, or nights when i can’t sleep and it’s a nice alternative to thc and using the vape is a great break for my lungs. Plus, it has a nice bitter taste that i enjoy, though that may not be for everyone.

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  2. Tyler says:

    First time for me and CBS vape

    Today is my first time trying this. Wanted to make sure I was completely clean before trying. Wanted to help with inflammation and pain in my back, knees and hips while at work. This has a very pleasant taste that i enjoy. So far I find it actually does carry a mellow buzz/high although I thought it was not supposed to have any psychoactive effects. Not entirely in pleased by the buzz part although I will need to be mindful of this while vaping it at work. I’m using the South Coast variable pen set at approximately 3.5 and getting smooth vapor thin clouds. I’ll do another review after a day or 2 once I have a better idea of how this is helping with my daily pain. So far I’m thinking I like it and is going to be helpful. Will most likely order again so please keep stock available.

    Hope this was helpful

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  3. Tyler says:

    Poorly made not effective

    OK after using this more I’m making an updated review. I used this for 3 to days straight. It honestly didn’t help my pain and discomfort at all! Also I am realizing how poorly these are made. The cartridge itself is bent at like 22 degree angle. The cartridge worked decently for the first 2 days and did vape decent cloud at low Temps. By the 4th day this cartridge does not work at all. I do believe in the benefits of cbd but I don’t believe vaping is the best delivery method for it. Seeing as this cartridge is virtually useless now I will probably break the tank open and try to get the cbd oil out and maybe mix in to a batch of brownies. But in my honest opinion this thing is a huge waste of money. Do not buy unless you want to feel ripped off like me….. Glad I used points to pay for half. Resorting to different lp for my vaping needs from now on.

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    • Jean-Philippe says:

      I agree with Tyler

      I have the same problem, after 4 days, I can’t smoke it unless I warm the cartridge in my hands for about five minutes. I’m really disappointed, I bought three of them because I tought they would work as well as the Toko cartridges. And it’s true that they are bent …

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      • Gareth says:

        Here is a tip I learned from using cartridges from GWP. As I am sure you know, the “oil” in the cartridge is extremely viscous but it will flow on its own given enough time. Warming the cartridge softens the oil making it flow better to where it needs to go. I lay my cartridges down at night or when not in use and if the oil level is low it will always flow and puddle at the lowest point of the cartridge, sometimes exposing both sets of feed holes. No oil through the holes means no oil is being vaporized and no relief. To prevent this from happening, while I am using the cartridges I keep them upright (mouthpiece up) in my shirt pocket. Body heat keeps the oil flowing more easily and the oil sinks to the bottom of the cartridge and stays there where the feeder holes are, ready for use. Of course I have to remember to take them out of my pocket if I leave the house. Don’t want to get caught with those puppies. It’s just a suggestion, It may or may not work for you . I have ordered a fair number of refill cartridges from GWP and never had a bad one.

      • Gareth says:

        Jean-Phillippe. What battery are you using? I have a South Coast and a Toko one. If you are using the Toko battery are you using the pre-heat function? If it is the South Coast battery have you tried turning up the voltage (read heat)? I find that if I hold the button on the SC battery for maybe 5 or 6 seconds before taking a draw I get better results.

    • Gareth says:

      CBD Cartridge Woes

      Tyler. Sorry to hear about your experiences with the CBD cartridges. You probably know this already but CBD works best with some THC added in the mix. A popular ratio is 1:1 but it is easy for you to produce the ratio CBD to THC that works best for you. Like you, straight CBD did little for me. I have tried mixing my own but eventually found that the 1:1 ratio worked well for me. I make sure I always have a Toko Pennywise refill cartridge in my supply. In fact I was just going to order another one from GWP. Thanks for the heads up about the Goo Goodness CBD cartridge. I had one in my shopping bag and now I am not so sure I will keep it there.

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    • Martin says:

      Mine doesn't work

      I get extremely poor vapour output out of mine, and complained and was told to heat with my hands or a hair dryer. Waste of money, stick with Toko. I feel ripped off on this one!

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      • Jean-Philippe says:

        Since it doesn't work for all of us ...

        What should we do since we are all disappointed about this product? I spent 170$ on something I can’t even smoke and when I try to join someone for GWP .. I get no answer ..?!?

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  4. Glen says:

    Most of it clumped, Still working on it

    I don’t know what folks mean by “bent”. Nothing in my cartridge is bent but there’s a huge crystallized clump at the top–storing it upright plus daily heating sessions aren’t making any difference. i can still use it but it doesn’t look like i’ll be able to use it too many more times. i’m still hoping heat will work eventually since i really like the product.

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  5. Mathieu says:

    Same as above

    Not overly satisfied.

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  6. Aysia says:

    its ok

    i’ve had better cbd pens

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  7. Gareth says:

    I did purchase the CBD cartridge

    After reading the reviews here I decided to go ahead and purchase the CBD cartridge. The mouthpiece of mine does have a slight tilt to it, but it doesn’t interfere with the operation. The concentrate is extremely thick and does not flow easily if at all. I heated mine with a hair dryer on high heat after finding that holding it in my hand was going to do nothing. I managed to get it to flow to the base (intake holes end) of the cartridge and most of the air bubbles have moved to the top (mouthpiece end). Once heated, the concentrate moved much more readily. I am using the South Coast battery and I find if I set the voltage control to max and hold the button longer, until I hear a crackling sound, I get a good vapour cloud. If you can get the concentrate to flow to the base, it will stay there as it is so thick. As for effects, I feel virtually no trace of a high, (maybe a slight tingle immediately after a hit) but there is some pain reduction, a general relaxation and sleepiness. It is a very subtle effect. I need to spend more time with it to really judge how effective it is. CBD mixed with some THC is supposed to be more effective so I need to do some experimenting. It is relatively inexpensive, half the price of a regular Toko cartridge (Toko’s are only .5 grams, the CBD is 1 gram) should last a good long time and is a good opportunity to explore virtually pure CBD.

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  8. Stephen says:


    Same issues as above. After the first two days I have to warm it for like 10 minutes to even get it to work and even then the draw is weak. It went back on the shelf after the first week. Probably won’t ever try and use it again.

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  9. Gareth says:

    My cartridge is still working. Mind you, I have had to do a few things to keep it going but they are simple, maintenance procedures. I also discovered that the cartridge works best with the South Coast battery which needs to be on the highest voltage setting for best results. It does not work as well on the Toko pen.

    My cartridge has stopped working a couple of times. The first time was a build up of resin on the battery contacts of both the battery and cartridge. A little swirl with a Q-Tip dipped in Isopropyl alcohol to clean up the contacts got it going again. Resin is a good insulator apparently.

    The second time saw a several of my cartridges stop working. This time the battery contact was not touching the cartridge contract. No electric current flowed, no heating occurred and no vapour was produced. The fix for this is widely available on the internet but it essentially is gently inserting something pointy under the center contact of the battery and VERY GENTLY lifting it at a few places around it until the contact is almost flush with the top of the 510 female screw section. Be very careful! You don’t want to pull that contact off the connection underneath it as that will ruin your battery. You can also do the same with the contact in the cartridge but you need to be even more careful. Ask me how I know this hahaha!! I will have to transfer the oil from that now useless cartridge to an empty working one. Yup, that’s doable too.

    Your milage may vary of course, but you may just get your seemingly dead cartridge to work again with a couple of simple quick fixes. What do you have to lose.? It already isn’t working! Good luck!

  10. Joanne Porayko says:

    This cbd got me really high

    Maybe I’m a super lightweight, but I took one pull on my vape pen with the 98% cbd and was really buzzed for 3 hours. Really good thing I tried before my husband. He’s a professional driver. Will stick to the cbd oil. Little disappointed. I was hoping to not get buzzed. Do you think the sent me the wrong product?

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  11. Michael Eramo says:

    Also got me High

    I’ve been taking CBD for a while and never got high, but this one got me super high. I think the company that makes the cartridges put THC in mine by mistake. Reading all the reviews it sounds like the distillate should be very thick and needs to be warmed up before vaping. This is not the case with the one I received, it flows quite easily. I’m give it 3 stars only because I emailed White Palm and they credited my account. I’m trying to decide if i should order it again

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  12. Mike Alvey says:

    CBD Cartridge works fine but gets you high for sure

    After reading all these mostly complaints, I want to leave my comments. Don’t know much about the process to make the CBD extracts, but they would have to come from either a hybrid or high CBD plant? Anyway, I also did get quite high with more than one hit. I use it for pain and anxiety and sleep mostly, so the little bit of THC high was OK. But unless you have an official analyses you will not know what is in it?!
    GWP so far has been very good. Prices are a little high tho’, but the point system helps a bit. I had NO TROUBLE with the oil and it’s flow. Keep the pen upright all you can and in a warm place. Use the pen on low – you don’t need anymore than that – it works fine. Good product.

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  13. Joshua says:


    Great for my headaches.Nice buzz also.

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