Gorilla Glue

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About the strain:
Low Med High

6 responses to “Gorilla Glue”

  1. billy van scoy says:

    the glue

    nice smoke .i got it tryed it i was not impressed probally because i was smoking some moby and skywalker mix.i smoked i j next morning and didnt feel like smoking another for about 3 hours. very good top shelf again. smooth smoke and not very stinky. hats off to grower

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  2. billy van scoy says:


    hay 1 more comment. i play hearts against computer lots. smoked the glue lost 3 games in a row i usually win every game.so this stuff no good hahahahaahahahahaahahahahaah.execelent medicene.it would be the best to use when welding cause i used to be the greatest welder in world….. greatest not best. lol. top 5 for sure

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  3. Mike says:

    High quality

    Definitely a great hybrid. Let’s you do things for the first bit then you get couch locked. Tastes great and potent. Would buy this again

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  4. Nadine says:

    Gorilla Glue(d to the roof of my mouth)

    I received an eighth of the GG as my first order promotion, typically I prefer a hybrid or sativa dominant strain but do enjoy an indica for the evening. The flowers themselves were smaller, less nugs more of a popcorn style and weren’t scented as earthy as I’ve come to associate with the GG strain. The bud seemed a tad underdeveloped perhaps and for those reasons I’d put the quality level at a solid seven with room for improvement. As mentioned the flower wasn’t terribly overpowering to smell and again didn’t have quite the same pugency as other GG strains I’ve come across. But despite it not looking like a five star flower it did perform better than I had expected and burnt a nice colour ash. I was a bit concerned I might burn out early but the gorilla glue is a nice, even high that while not leaving me glued to the couch, did provide me with relief from a headache. I would likely not purchase this strain again, only as I tend to like a bit more of a cerebral high. All in all I’d give this batch of gorilla glue a high 3 out 5 as it was good, but by no means was it great. Luckily there is such an awesomely diverse menu available! Thanks so much for providing me with this free!

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  5. gary says:

    Hard hitter

    This was definitely an interesting strain! very unique smell. Only takes a little to achieve great affects. Worth every buck

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  6. Joshua says:


    This flower was amazing had be glued to my chair but comfortable :)

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