Granddaddy Purple Disposable Vape

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1 x 0.6mg
3 x 0.6mg
6 x 0.6mg

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About the strain:
Low Med High

4 responses to “Granddaddy Purple Disposable Vape”

  1. Jared Bull says:

    Talk about a flavorful smoke

    Very nice flavor, very earthy taste that’s for sure. First time using this type and definitely a great product that will be bought again. Definitely get some good hits off after joint like pulls. I’m impressed

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  2. Brandon Abel says:

    Found what I need

    This is what I’ve been looking for, I’ve tried every other vape pen and this by far is ten times better than any of them. I can actually pull a great hit of this, the same amount as if you were puffing off a joint or smoking a big ass bowl. The high was great , good couch lock. And I’m not to sure if there is any hint of pot smell when smoking it, but the taste is very yummy. Overall will be trying all the flavors in these disposable pens.

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  3. Aysia says:

    mine lasted longer than i expected. the flavour is great. draws smoothly. extreme couchlock. does a great job at putting me to bed.

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  4. Alexis says:

    I liked it

    Was a good quality high, perfect for when you want to be discrete

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