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About the strain:
Low Med High

7 responses to “Grape Ape Kush”

  1. Spencer says:


    Beautiful stuff. The buds are small but they’re still gorgeous. Tons, and tons of purple I love It! It’s a good one to smoke before bed that’s for sure. Definitely a indica through and through.

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  2. Brandon Abel says:

    Gorgeous nugs fucked up smell

    Love the appeal of this strain, you cant even squeeze these nugs, so dense and absolutely amazing crystal and trim job done to perfection, the high is definitely an indica. Great for sleeping and being completely stoned out of your mind. But the only reason it got 4 stars is the nose appeal, the smell is funky and hardly screams delicious like most strains do!

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  3. Shawn says:


    Nice looking tight and chunky nugs. Burns nice and slow in a dube, strong nighttime indica high

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  4. Jared Bull says:

    All around good stuff

    Very nice trichome covered dense buds that break up very good and fluff out nicely. Has a very earthy smell was actually expecting a more pungent smell but still great. Only got an 8th and the other 8th of different bud was definitely has more quantity in it than this one. So bag seems on the short end side but still some great smoke

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  5. Clinton says:

    Going ApE...

    What a special treat from Northwest Cannabis Company and this strains got me Going ApE !?!?!

    It truly smells of Grapes and tastes just like the way it smells.
    GrapeApE Kush buds are cured perfectly and couldn’t be more and dense. The smoke is heavy in the lungs packed with THC, spicy aftertaste and it will rock your socks off and then rock you gently to sleep.

    Its 3/3 and just like FELLA FACADE Thy King Of Canadian Cannabis Connoisseurs always says, always remember to“believe in what you breathe” everybody please.

    Thanks DeanObRo and WhitePaLm for putting this one on your shelves.

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  6. K S says:

    Notes of fruit

    Nice buzz, buds are compact and pretty to look at. Not much else to say its a reliable bud. Tastes great, easy going, busts up big. Try it

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  7. Tim Evans says:

    Really liked this

    Some of the best premium product I’ve had from WP and .. I’ve had a few.

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