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White Rhino, Tangerine Dream, Rainbow Kush

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Low Med High

35 responses to “Shatter Sample Pack (Options)”

  1. Billy T says:

    I was hoping WP would add a sample pack for the Green Gold products so I emailed Dean and then within a few hours they had it up on the site. I’m incredibly excited to try out the Lemon Haze because the Bubba Kush is already one of my favourites. Ordered last week, time to order again.

  2. john says:

    Wonderful and Affordable

    I love this sample pack so far; I’ve never tried Green Gold but I like it. For me the Lemon Haze is the best, it really captures some strong Sativa effects which are my favorites. Even though it has the lowest THC it is the hardest hitting for me. The Ultra Master is also a heavy hitting shatter but it’s more relaxing. Ditto on the Bubba Kush, more of a muscle relaxer.The taste on all the packs is light but it’s there, I think low temp nail settings would be good, I’m switching to 550 celsius as I’m typing this. Overall I love the price and the variety, it’s so nice I ordered twice.

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  3. Riley says:

    Great Deal!

    One of the best sample packs ive tried, the price and quality out match the rest ive found online. the lemon haze was my go to threw the day did well to keep me energized and upbeat/happy strong notes of lemon burst threw on every hit. The master kush and bubba kush are my go to for my night time use. Bubba kush worked well for relaxing my muscles and nausea, while as the master kush eliminated my insomnia after a couple hits. Both have a strong kush aroma and taste, definitely ordering again!

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  4. Alicia white says:

    It’s a great deal to be able to try all three varieties at a affordable cost. My favourite has to be the lemon haze. Great flavours with uplifting euphorias. Bubba kush and master kush both provide a excellent taste and quality. l love theses sample packs!

  5. Viet says:

    Just revived my order today very pleased, must admit was skeptical at first as the colour is quite dark in comparison to phants variations however superb taste amazing quality and very hard hitting have only tried the bubba as of now and it is quite potent looking forward to trying the lemon next I hope this sample pack stays around for a long time probably be my weekly order
    Also recommend the phant dab pen looks cheap but very high quality with quartz nails ceramic cylinder and titanium coils was quite surprised when I received it
    Also green gold is
    Cheaper than the phant.. Cheap enough to basically give you free shipping lol

  6. Mathieu says:

    3 awesome shatter! Im speechless this is so great !!

  7. Mathieu says:

    Nice deal great taste 10/10

  8. Lisa says:

    I'm in love....

    Thats some fine product….all three are incredible. Thank you White Palm for your professionalism and dedication to making sure people get their medication. The price is nice too… :)

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  9. Adam says:

    Very pleased

    Got my first order and am very pleased nice stable shatter will be ordering again

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  10. Joe says:

    Love it! I’ve ordered it a couple of times now and I still can’t make up my mind which variety I prefer. I’ll have to get it at least once more to help me decide. I’m very thankful WhitePalm has made this sample pack available! Thanks WhitePalm!

  11. Harry says:

    Ordered it and received it in 3 days. Tried each one and loved them all. My favourite one is the Bubba kush. Maybe cuz I did a couple of big ones, but the buzz is great, relaxing and lasts. Will order this pack again. great value

  12. Mathieu says:

    I recommended for everyone who dont know which one choose .. and this is a great deal !! Really

  13. Mike says:

    Great deal!

    No doubt in my mind this is one of the best sample packs I have tried from and producer. The Green Gold quality was nothing to complain about and the price is great! I really enjoyed the taste and the affects from the Ultra Master, worked perfect for my back issues. Thanks White Palm and Green Gold.

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  14. Jesse says:

    What a perfect variety pack. And i really dig the little leprechaun lol the quality of this shatter is amazing and the taste is even better. Lemon haze is definitly my favorite for my morning smoke.

  15. Jason says:

    Great variety.

    Great shatter for the price, but not the best. A sample pack of Green Gold’s new strains would be great as the taste and effects are even better.

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  16. Joseph says:

    very happy with the sample pack great product

  17. john says:

    Liking the sample packs

    wow the lemon haze is very tasty , and much into the potent factor both kush are a nice relaxer

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  18. Robert says:

    Was a bit skeptical before purchasing this and rightfully so……..all 3 left a black slick on my nail after each dab and then when the nail was heated up for the next dab the slick would catch on fire until it burned off. The taste on the ultra master and the bubba was absolutely horrible and the lemon haze wasn’t much better. I will not be purchasing any Green Gold product in the future

  19. Clayton says:

    A must on every order,the greengold sampler always delivers consistently quality product with a variety of flavors.very excited to try the second option. Possibly in the near future a pick and choose sampler!

  20. jeremy says:


    huge fan of the green gold love the sample pack i am a huge hybrid fan got the combo pack one ith the rhino and the tangerene nuthing to me compares to the tangerene dream great strain but this juicy fruit was delicious bit of a creeper for the high to kick in

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  21. Chris says:


    Wicked shatter for an amazing price, you can’t go wrong

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  22. amanda says:


    White Rhino pack was awesome they all had very nice buzzes! The Ultra Master is some of the best shatter I have ever came across!

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  23. john says:

    best combo white rhino,tangerinedream,juicyfruit

    this is a very flavor full combo – please keep this – white rhino is described very accurately on the menu hard hitting and smooth with a pleasant flavor i cant even put my finger on , juicy fruit and tangerine dream both provide a very hard hit with tasty -tasty flavor -this 3 pack is a must .

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  24. mitchell says:

    I am a medical user and this sample pack was awsome I recommend it to all and either pack will leave you speechless and relaxed and stress free

  25. Michael says:

    This is what I like about Whitepalm your extraction page don’t have unhealthy dab butane is meh but c02 I love you medicine that can fix almost anything and cure cancer quicker this pure medicine does nice just like phant awesomeness from our medicine dispensary Whitepalm is the compassion I like and why I’m alway sending ppl to them even if it was before the new friends get you points an even yet I’m not all about the point it’s helping the patients an being compassionate like myself I’m always going to point people toward the best medicine I’ve had the chance of tasting and it’s compassion and quality I expect and they deliver so I’m golden and with the medicine here I’m going to beat my fibro and syndromes and any cancer left in me because this medicine is all checked by Dean and well ppl Dean is the man thanks for the love Whitepalm I’ll always show mine my health may be iffy but soon I’ll find my strain combo I need and beat this sickness I’ve had most of my life and they do help by suggesting what to try thank you staff an owners of Whitepalm I’m your loyal patient and friend maybe eventually part of the Whitepalm family one day I’d like that and like to help patients by always getting the Whitepalm name out

  26. Yannick says:


    Ultra master is a little strong in mouth..high in thc and leave a little wax taste at the end…good buzz.

    Lemon haze has an amazing favorite..lower in thc with 72%…has opposed to other shatter!!

    Bubba Kush is right in the middle…not a bad taste..higher buzz than lemon haze

    All provide a good relaxing effect

  27. Jarred says:

    Between all 3 samples packa ultra master is the best on of then all. Love the sample packs should try to get more.

  28. Rebecca says:


    I love this mix. My fav is the Ultra Master. It seems to immediately hit home. The best tasting is the Lemon Haze. Although the Bubba Kush is so delicious. I’ve ordered this combo several times without regret. It’s nice to have choices.

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  29. Rebecca says:

    Very satisfied

    Thanks for giving us these 3 combos to choose from. I’ve ordered all 3 and they are all great! My favourite today is Rockstar. Not only is it hard hitting with high THC it tastes wonderful.

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  30. mitchell says:

    this sample pack I got was exalent love the sample packs this stuff will take care of you needs

  31. Thomas says:

    The description of the 3 included in each bundle is wrong as it says the lemon haze is together with juicy fruit and tangerine however when selecting you can only choose white rhino with it instead of lemon haze so I ended up buying the lemon separate so that kind of sucked as I wasn’t crazy about white rhinos flavour, however I love the taste of the tangerine and it has a nice strong body and head high for relaxing at night and getting to sleep, juicy fruit is great for anytime of the day I find

  32. David says:

    I got the new 3 shatter sample pack. Blueberry, pink kush and rockstar. They were all great, having their own distinct taste to em. I did ask to replace the rockstar for juicy fruit before they shipped it, but I ended up getting rockstar anyways so wasn’t very pleased bout that. Other than that, im happy and will definatly be buying again.

    Thanks WP.

  33. Brad says:

    All three strains had the same taste. And not a good taste either. Very harsh on the throat and painful coughs. Definitely not getting again.

  34. Billie says:

    This is very smooth and flavorful shatter for a smoking good price. would recommend to anyone looking for great shatter at a affordable price

  35. Jonathan says:

    Great Products!!!!!

    This is a great idea. It’s nice to have the different kinds. The lemon haze was my absolute favorite. The flavor is yummy. The other two were equally good.

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  36. Jake says:

    Awesome Product!

    This was my first time purchasing shatter and after smoking it i was amazed of how good it tastes. I loved the taste of the Tangerine Dream, and the blueberry kush gives a nice mellow stone good for before bed. I would recommend trying this product to anyone, worth EVERY penny!!

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  37. Leiland says:

    Hands down 5 star I got White Rhino Juicy Fruit and Bubba Kush product is very “clear” looking compared to what I have seen before. What can I say about the Quality it was fantastic great taste very smooth. worth the price

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  38. Jerred says:

    Better than phyto!

    If u like to save an extra buck and still enjoy yourself this is a great product! Definitely better than phyto extracts for sure!

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  39. James says:

    Great variety

    Each has its own unique flavour and all have an amazing effect. Great way to get started if you have never tried shatter before. Amazing medication that works well and for a certainly reasonable price.

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  40. Josh says:

    Good product. Improvements can be made.

    Great price for the product. Excellent service by the vendor. I just can’t help but wonder why they haven’t set up a build your own option. I love the variety packs, and you can contact them and request other varieties. But why not just allow users to pick 3 of their choosing?
    Just a thought.

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  41. Lory says:

    Sample shatter

    Good to have a variety but wish I could pick the 3 I want

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  42. mitchell says:

    Sample packs

    Well I have being a customer here for a while now and I love this chatter so clean and a high that will blow your mind i would buy it over and over

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  43. Josh says:

    I love the idea
    I really like the product.
    I would love to be able to select more varieties.
    Master kush came in alittle lower than anticipated for thc at 78.4% decent flavour, does tickle the throat in a not so pleasant way.
    The bubba kush hit harsh. After taste was nice. Goes right to the head. You’d swear it’s stronger than the ultra master kush.. but it’s not. My batch came with 77.7% thc. Again alittle lower than expected from a power house of a strain.
    And the whole reason I buy these packs. My staple. The blueberry kush. This order was subbed with phant. Flavour is fantastic. Hits smooth. Packs a punch… but not for about 15-20 mins. This batch was higher thc at 81.36 and a surprising 1.86% CBD the last batch was lower on both numbers ( GG not phant)
    Highly recommend buying the blueberry over and over.
    Happy travels.

  44. Lucas says:

    Good deal

    Best bang for your buck if you smoke shatter, good variety and they all taste great with an awesome high. Love the tch count

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  45. Brendan says:


    The best one of the group was by far the blueberry. However not a big fan of the shatter much rather budder.

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  46. Brendan says:

    Decent but not amazing

    I found that the best of this bunch was the rockstar. For some reason ive always enjoyed. Anyhow its good price for decent quality

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  47. Rachel says:

    Pretty Good!

    I love the sample packs! Its great for trying different strains and brands to get a feel for the different products. I did not much like the small container that this company packages with since i felt like there was product that I couldn’t get out, that being said the container was beneficial for traveling.

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  48. Aysia says:

    good deal

    for what you get, this is a great deal. i love having options, and i was pretty impressed by the quality of the shatter. all was smooth and flavourful.

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  49. Lory says:

    Love the sample packs just wish I could pick three

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  50. Eric says:

    I was sold on Rockstar!

    Forget about it friends!!! I’ve had all 6 flavours/strains, and you will not be dissapointed!!!! Guaranteed!!!

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  51. Alexandre says:

    Nice and clear

    Clear burning great taste, only bad is the plastics container they put it into, it’s hard to open and leave a bad plastic taste on the shatter.

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  52. Thomas says:

    Rainbow kush all the way!

    I lpve the price for this sample pack. Rainbow kush however was my absolute favorite. Very high hitting shatter, not the smoothest but perks me right up in the morning. Love the variety with indica sativa hybrids mostly. Taste is good too

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  53. Tyler says:


    this shatter is some tasty and good high to as well. :)

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  54. jack says:

    Green Gold

    Love all there stuff so many to choose from

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  55. Howie says:

    Can't Go Wrong

    As far as I am concerned green gold is the bomb as far as shatter goes! No matter what sample pack you get you cant go wrong I have not been disappointed at all with any shatter from green gold its all been clear, snappy, flavorful and always does the trick for medicating yourself no matter what your ailment is!! Thanks wp for carrying this and thanks gg for putting out such an excellent product!

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  56. Eric says:


    Very good sample pack, but you will want this for appetite loss, nausea, and sleep issues:)

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  57. Sheldon says:

    Great product for the price!

    Cant go wrong with the stuff! Only downfall is the plastic containers which the shatter seems to sticks too during shipping. Either way it’s still great product

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