Grape Kush CO2 HONEY OIL

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Low Med High

9 responses to “Grape Kush CO2 HONEY OIL”

  1. Riley says:

    Very Clean and Effective

    ordered a couple the other day, very easy to use website with lots of information on the products and excellent customer service. Arrived at my house in no time! Very strong honey oil in my opinion, clean taste/smell very golden in color and easy to use in many forms! I put some on my papers for a little kick of energy through the day and then do a few dabs of it at night to treat my insomnia. will order again in the future for sure!

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  2. Donald says:

    I’ve waited A VERY VERY LONG TIME! The wait was Worth the Amazing Taste & Effects Therein with This Absolutely- -Incredible Looking Grape Kush Honey Oil. You need but a Teardrop On a Paper Or In A Vape. Either will do I absolutely Concur with Riley on these points to be sure. I too Will Also Be Ordering This Wonderful Product Again Soon. I’d Never even heard of the Quarry before ordering their Products from White Palm and I’m So Truly Grateful that I FINALLY get to Use My ALL TIME FAVORITE EXTRACT EVER! HONEY OIL! I Feel Like A Teenager Again when this Amazing Buzz kicks In as Is Happening to me Right NOW, AHHHH… SWEEEEETTT! “I Really Have Missed It SO”
    Thank You White Palm & the Quarry for Providing Such Truly Amazing Honey Oil So Simple To Order & Receive & the Price is also Reasonable as well. Sincerely: Don D.

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  3. Jesse says:

    Everytime i order i have to get one of these so good for dab rigs very tasty. Or if you wanna kick up your doobie for a sweet taste. Once your try it you will probably be hooked lol go whitepalm go

  4. Christopher says:

    shatters out, this stuffs in! Worth every penny. A tiny dab will do you!!

  5. John says:

    The best honey oil ive tried thus far…..great for spiking your joints or vaporizing..Great product by Quarry!!!

  6. Chris says:

    I will always buy this! this stuff is unreal. tastes just like grape. is out of this world. so yummy hard to stop myself from using too much just because how good it is to make it last. one of the best ever! try it and see.

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  7. Khoa420 says:

    Yummy taste!

    Lovely flavor ! Smooth ! But I don’t find it potent for a 80% thc . Used in crafty , normal vape , portable vape , e-cig … same result . Did I get a bad batch ? I gave a 3 stars for not too potent for the price , evrything else … #1 !

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  8. Bill says:

    Honey ........

    oh Donald – you got me remembering as well …. the extraordinarily good honey oil we had for a year or so in 1972/73 You must be of that age to remember this.. I wonder how heavily the White Palm patient population is weighted towards the 55+ peeps. I like to vape it but its cheaper to fill the vape myself but I’ve not yet found a good machine/pipe to transfer the oil into standard vape pens.

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    • Khoa420 says:

      Hi Bill , hope this is not too late and you be reading this .
      May I recommended you Yocan brand for vape/ e-dab , you can get cheaper on ebay compare to other brand . Or at least look out for ceramic donut coil atomizer for easy filling , taste and minimun waste . Google or youtube before buying , for a better understanding . Good luck!

  9. Bernad says:

    Grape kush

    Rolled joints with just a ml. Very tasty and good. Sweet to spike up j’s

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  10. Aprile says:

    I previously left a review saying Quarry’s lemon was the best…. that was before I tried grape!
    This is, BY FAR, the best, most well balanced and well rounded oil I have tried yet. I love it.
    It’s a perfect “right down the middle” hybrid feel.

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  11. Akeela says:


    as always you continue to amaze me besides the fast delivery the quality is exceptional and is very good thank you !!!

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  12. Aysia says:


    i can ingest some of this and still be productive. it’s good for daytime, since it doesn’t add any drowsiness. gives a nice buzz from head to toe.

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