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About the strain:
Low Med High

11 responses to “Hashberry”

  1. Aysia says:

    Goodbye stress headaches!!

    This beautiful specimen of a bud…. Oh goodness. I can clearly remember suffering from frequent headaches starting in 3rd grade. Tylenol, Advil, etc. would be the usual go-to, and it worked to an extent, but, when I grew old enough to poke around the cannabis world, I’ve found certain concentrates and flowers ease the pain just as well (better, actually.. more quicky!). Of course, some strains work better than others, and this just happens to be one of those heroic strains. Oh yeah, totally doesn’t hurt that this boy can get you suuuuuuuper stoney if you’re looking for that.

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  2. Brian says:

    That Hashberry Aroma!

    Appearance 10/10 LARGE PLUMP DENSE STICKY BUDS!, dark forest green with purple highlights, a few red hairs and caked in thick white sticky resin,well cured,well trimmed.
    Aroma 10/10 strong sweet lush berry grape aroma,soothing and pleasant like grandma’s home made jam!
    Flavor 10/10 delicious berry and grape notes with just a little bit of spice, strong thick flavorful vapor, Highland getting it done right once again!
    Active effects 10/10 very much like killer hash, narcotic and euphoric, very relaxing and a great mood enhancer, KILLER for pain,i’m sure if you consume enough you can knock yourself out cold for the night! KILLER.
    Overall 10/10 KILLER.
    Another elite strain grown right by the talented and passionate folks at Highland!,Thanks again.
    TRY IT.

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    • Brian says:

      A little inconsistent...

      Some buds vape thicker than others, the buds that produce sparser vapor also seem to produce very hot vapor,maybe it needs a longer cure? not sure…the flavor and aroma are there and the high but i wish every bud produced the thicker vapor…

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  3. Ryan says:


    This one let me down. Small buds, only two tiny ones with a little purple on them. Lacks in the smell department and my batch has a distinct soapy taste when smoked. Perhaps it was just my batch? This is the second order for me where I was left dissapointed with a purchase. Too expensive to be getting this level of quality from GWP…

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  4. Devin says:

    Not worth the money

    Weird smell, medicine taste, melow buzz nothing special, for this price I was expecting alot more from gwp. The first two ratings musta been for another strain, not the hashberry.

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  5. Tyler says:

    Ok I danced around this one for a while….. Just truly inhibit now and I gotta say it’s gross man… Like sorry but I swear to shirt it tastes like soap. Dropped the ball here huge. Hoping the bc hashplant from northwest leaves a better impression… I do love me some gash plant ? was not my purchase thankfully but still sad ?. https://media.giphy.com/media/ycdVnD1sAcWkw/giphy.gif

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  6. Guillaume says:


    Smell blueberry and taste like hash the smoke is harsh to the throat… The bud is not constant some are fluffy and some are purp realy disappoint. The high us mellow dont realy cure headache i was hopping more from wp

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  7. Marky says:

    It is pretty good vaped and pretty bad smoked. That is why the first two people liked it.

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    • Marky says:

      Very nice vaped

      I am almost finished this strain. I have only vaped it after the first couple times trying to smoke it. It is quite nice vaped, so I am raising my rating.

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  8. Roderick says:


    I got to try some from a buddy that was visiting and both agree about the funky taste. I’m not the only person that think highland over value their products .

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  9. Kristy says:

    I enjoyed this a lot.

    I really enjoyed this strain that I tried a few weeks ago, not sure why it doesn’t have a higher rating!

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