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About the strain:
Low Med High

Finally! Some killer weed blunts. These are the Hybrid Blunts featuring hand selected premium Hybrid buds from BC’s top indoor craft growers. 7 convenient blunts in a wonderful tin. 3.5g of flower contained per pack.

With a 14 day flush and a slow and lengthy careful curing process, the Hybrid Blunt is the miracle for any daily smoker. Level up your pre roll game with these blunts.

Perfect for those who don’t have the patience to roll blunts using wraps. I (Ashley) am for sure one of those people. These are a wonderful treat with beautiful creative and upbeat effects. Flavour is on point too thanks to the hemp wraps!

What you get with 1 pack of Hybrid Blunts:

  • 3.5g premium BC Hybrid flower total split between 7 Hybrid Blunts
  • Comes with the metal tin for storage
Chill, Revitalizing, Euphoric
Stress, Depression, Insomnia
About the vendor:
Baxter weed blunts online Canada
Driven by a quest for a perfect blunt.
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Hand selected premium buds from BC’s top indoor craft growers to deliver the finest selection of cannabis available.

The Baxter Process

Handcrafted cannabis blunts made from premium BC bud that provide hours of enjoyment.


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