Kali Mist

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About the strain:
Low Med High

3 responses to “Kali Mist”

  1. Joshua says:


    Burns clean, nice white ashes. A must try for all seeking a potentvwell priced strain.Thanks WP!

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  2. tony says:

    Anything for lowsy 20 points eh josh

    Everyone knows your reviews are total bs and they don’t kick u off for your nonsense. Should be ashamed yourself that’s shiat that cravkhead or junky would do. Your a goof deserve shot in the head u superdouce

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  3. Clinton says:

    CoMe On PeePLeS ?!?

    Hey TOnY, its starting to kinda smell like GooF, so SHSHSHT !?!

    Please peoples, Lets not turn or allow White PaLm comments to become some childish FaCeBooK SquABBLe, the comments are for customers and members to express how they feel regarding the strains which they’ve purchased.

    Everybody who’s paid gets to have their equal say and if it isn’t about the herb it isn’t VaLiD.

    If anybody gots a PrOGLeM, just let Dr DeAnObRo know cuz he’ll handle the SCriPT forYa…

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