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Low Med High

12 responses to “NYC Diesel”

  1. brad says:


    got my first order in today..just smoked this lovely plant and it couldn’t be better… this is what i want to feel after i smoke, the perfect buzz. great first impression with WP i would definitely recommend

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  2. michael says:

    Another great plant for alleviating depression. Have this one around more please.

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  3. chris says:

    NYC Diesel

    Somewhat disappointed in this one. I got nyc diesel from another site in the past a few years ago and it was sweet, with actual diesel smell and taste. This one just smelled sweet, no diesel flavor at all…And rather ordinary tasting. The most ordinary tasting weed I have gotten from here, sorry GWP.
    But it looked really good visually

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  4. Dylan says:

    Not what i expected

    Taste smell 4/10
    Appearance 6/10
    Bud structure 4/10
    This a a completley honest review the flower was not sticky or fresh at all the bud was dry didnt smell very much and did not have the power and left me just wanting another bowl usually kooteny fire has really good products but i think a few variables got messed up on this grow it had potential to be really potent but it lacks terpenes and gassy diesel smell and taste i think this should cost 30 or 35 dollars the hugh from this flower is lackluster it doesnt rock you so it could be good for beginner users the only positives of this strain is if you dont want to get super high in the future i hope whitepalm can be more indicative as of which strains are higher in terpenes and which strains smell better

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  5. Bradley says:

    Great all round bud.

    As always you can’t go wrong with NYC Diesels. The flower has so many crystals it’s like a powder bomb when you break a bud in half.

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  6. Wayne says:

    What a beauty.

    I’ve had NYC i think about 3 other times and this pheno you guys have is damn near perfect. So smooth and hits hard. Very nice effects on this one. Citrus is so dominate in the smell and taste is on par. Burns clean what else would you want. Good size and shaped buds, covered in a coat of crystals grab some before its gone. Great daytime smoke.

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  7. Tom says:

    Mixed reviews

    I guess I must have lucked out because when I received this flower I was very happy. Super pungent citrus smell and frosted buds. I found the high very uplifting. Was a great at work strain.

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  8. Dylan says:

    Mixed feelings

    Like guy above me said there are some really nice dense thc nugs in bag but also some nugs that are leafy not dense and very mid level its a weird grow but its alright

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  9. HK says:

    Daytime herb bit of a munchie overload

    Great for gallivanting around and doing stuff all day, happy mild buzz keeps you social and doesn’t make you tired. Paired best with farmers markets and food festivals.

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  10. Angel says:

    Great for when you want to get some housework done

    Great high for daytime use. Excellent for when you need to get your housework done or have errands to run.

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  11. Shaun says:


    The first time I had this I rushed two small bowls within 5 minutes…and had a miserable time losing my mind for 2 or 3 hours. So watch out for that. Not really the ‘erb’s fault more a rookie mistake. I tend to take her a bit easy now. Have a smoke. Wait a bit. The high is very happy and I have not had the wheels come off the tracks since. This also tends to improve my mood and give me energy hours after having some. I like the smell, but I’m not experienced enough to place this in context.

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  12. Aysia says:


    Relaxing, with waves of euphoria, but not couchlock-y

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