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About the strain:
Low Med High

Watermelon Indica, a mouthwatering experience thanks to its 80% Indica genetics. This stuff is just craaaazy. MASSIVE round nugs coated in sugaaaa trichomes baby.

Watermelon Indica is an 80% indica strain. Its large, dense buds are amazing for their high THC content and relaxing effects. It’s uber useful as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant because you will immediately attack your fridge.

As the name suggests, this strain has a distinct fruity watermelon flavour profile, reminiscent of grape. Try squeezing a nug and smelling your fingers after – the Watermelon smell  is extremely present. Picture bitting into a juicy watermelon slice and gently smelling the aroma. it’s beautiful and fresh.

Here is a quick description from Dean (he was really busy testing out all of the new flowers yesterday to make sure they were perfect for you to enjoy)…

This is a very unique flower that begins its introduction with a full array of crystals, light green colour (it’s a beautiful pastel hue) and rich smell ending with a fruit explosion in your mouth. The nugs are firm and full and the smell has a light, sweet fruity aroma fallowed by a complimenting crisp watermelon scent. Like a fresh watermelon salad.

This strain is mouthwatering.

Happy, Sleepy, Relaxed
Stress, Insomnia, Pain
About the vendor:
Kootenay Fire
25 Customer Reviews

Kootenay Fire prides themselves in being a sustainable British Columbia Marijuana force focused on indoor-grown cannabis. Our company and brand embraces British Columbian values and adventurous motives. We focus on small-batch flowers and masterfully crafted hashish that are meant to compliment all types of lifestyles.


Kootenay Fire is one of the finest recreational British Columbia Marijuana producers in the province. Their state of the art growing facility and YEARS of experience feature a cutting edge growing operation with rotating strains.

Kootenay Fire is bringing back the flowers that made BC Bud so popular.


45 Responses to “Watermelon – 50% OFF!”

  1. Conor says:

    It tastes like watermelon! And it’s definitely top shelf bud! I feel my muscles relax instantly after vaporization. Please keep this one around WP. Easily in my top 3 all-time favourites from WP.

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  2. Nicole says:

    Night Night

    I suffer from sleep issues.. This was a great buy for that. If you need help sleeping this is the bud for you. Make sure your munchie cupboard is full tho!! I had quite the appetite after only a small joint of this. The smell was fruity and as it states, when you pinch the bud and smell your hands, you can smell that soft watermelon scent. Burns with a white ash and tastes great. Would recommend to other people who need a good night time bud. Not for beginners.

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  3. Brian says:

    Took a chance on some watermelon...

    …I would admit that i expected to be disappointed with it, i have had a few run ins with watermelon in the past and every time was a let down and an underwhelming experience…*enter white palm*…they have come through so far so why not take a chance…so what the heck, throw an eighth in with my order and we’ll see when it gets here…fast forward to this morning, open my package and there’s 7 products to inspect [5flowers/2resin crumbles] it’s day time so what a perfect time to try out the watermelon.

    The buds are well manicured ,large ,dense, sticky and have a real watermelon scent to them.You can tell that the grower poured his/her/their heart and soul into these plants.One small bud breaks up huge and packs a nice crucible full to vape in the herbalaire. Appearance and aroma 9.5/10
    The vapor is surprisingly thick and strong with a very flavorful taste of watermelon, more so than i have ever had from this strain.Flavor 8/10
    The active effects are very enjoyable as well,not super heavy but very enjoyable in both mind and body. 8/10
    Overall this watermelon is very nice, it’s a nice change up from my usual suspects,8.5/10
    I’m not sure if watermelon will dethrone your favorites but t is absolutely worth a try as a change of pace.

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  4. Jacob says:


    Watermelon is a MUST try. the flavour.. unreal.. the high just the same thanks wp very thankful for your quality :)

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  5. Leslie says:

    Pleasantly surprised

    I was pleasantly surprised with this strain. It was recommended to me by the awesome people who do the live help/ customer service online.
    I’m always looking for something to help me sleep and just be intensely couch locked and usually stick with death bubba and similar strains, but since 2 of the reps recommended this one I figured it was fate

    It had a distinct watermelon fragrance and even taste. I am always skeptical about the flavouring and smell of products because I’ve tried many that were promised to taste like and smell like fruit but it’s never been distinct enough for me, except for this one.
    I can’t say that it immediately would have put me to sleep but it did give the nice overall body numb feeling that put me in a good relaxed state to feel like stress and axniety melt away and not keep me up for hours :)

    So will now always trust in white palm to give more awesome recommendations

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  6. Dylan says:

    Clean affordable medicine

    Taste 8/10
    Smell 8.5/10
    Appearance 9/10
    Props to the grower All the kootenay fire strains have a similiar genetic in them this bud is very dense and stinky very potent medicine not for beginners puts you to sleep but also i notice this bud has a haze or cheese genetic in it from the colour of the bud light green with orange hairs great price for bang for buck thankyou whitepalm please sell more potent strains at 35 an eighth cheers

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  7. Josh says:


    beautiful nuggz!!! amazing smell and watermelon on the exhale it’s a exotic smoke for sure wil for sure buy again! highly recommended ! warning it wil put you out like a light!

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  8. Kristy says:

    great smell

    great smell…good high but not as smooth as i would like

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  9. Wayne says:

    Nice Watermellon

    Very nice appearance and strait out of the box its nose is really nice. smoked and burnt well in a joint, no issues there. Crystal content was gtg. Nice cure as it had that nice break sound when cracking the buds open. Very pleased on this strain. Gets the job done without a doubt.

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  10. Kyle says:

    Wow! Smells Awesome!

    Love the smell and flavor of this bud. Nice high that lasted longer then I thought it would. You can tell a lot of love went into this, its been cured beautifully. Gave me serious Munchies and most importantly made me sleep like a baby.

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  11. Raj says:

    Lovely taste

    Definitely a melon-y almost bubblegum kind of taste. High is very nice, though not super long lasting. Still I enjoy the effects. Just smelling inside the bag is heavenly. Great strain, but not the absolutely strongest, but thats fine because you don’t always want to be knocked out from smoking. The small amount of sativa in this strain makes sure you don’t feel too lazy.

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  12. Dylan says:

    Mellow light indica

    This is a terpy nice dense nice trim highly recomend i love this strains genetics i wish i could anaylyze its dna further

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  13. Anthony says:

    i was expecting more

    I was excited to try this one but I didn’t really get the smell or flavor I was looking for but still did the trick

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  14. Rahim says:

    sweet surprising high

    Smells incredible. Hits very smooth and then creeps up with a pleasant finish

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  15. Liam says:

    Unique flavour

    The flavour of this bud was so unique . I can definitely see why it’s called watermelon . Def some fruity taste but I also tasted a Limey almost gin like taste . Great for sleep

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  16. Jared says:


    Interesting bud, small popcorn sized. Only got an eigth, it was leafy an had some shake in bag. Good smoke though!

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  17. Kurt says:

    Nice and fruity!

    Great all around very nice smell,

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  18. Michael says:

    Finally put down the flavoured watermelon juicy jay papers folks this is at real treat for any watermelon lovers ??‼️

    I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing taste of this beautiful female wow just pure bliss and wonderful tastes like a fresh slice of watermelon sum buds better than others but still wonderful treat at the $220 price a must to sample for sure a reorder Smokeydaherb liked this strain like is own???‼️

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  19. Josh says:

    Kind of underwhelming

    Great stone for an indica. Will still leave you functional but once you hit that bed, couch, or comfy spot your eyelids will get heavy and you will be out. Great for insomnia. However, i did not find this strain particularly tasty. Just a bit fruity, even the nose was underwhelming as compared to other customers reviews. Maybe I need to give it another go but well worth it for a more tame indica.

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  20. Roderick says:


    i think i may have togve this another try ,i was not dissapointed with my purchase but was not impressed like i always am with the standard of quality of wp.

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  21. Angel says:

    Such amazing flavour!

    Oh my goodness. The flavour of this strain is just like watermelon. I can’t get enough of the taste. Perfect for anxiety, p.t.s.d, depression, o.c.d, insomnia, pain management, and lack of appetite. Worth every penny and I recommend this strain to everyone

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  22. Scott says:

    Tasty & Strong

    Great tasting bud – not totally sure it tastes like watermelon, but it’s definitely fruity!!
    Nice potent indica, effects are more cerebral than your garden variety indica, but there’s some good couch lock in there as well. Nice work!

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  23. Ashley says:


    Smells and tastes great. Very smooth. Definitely good for a night time high.

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  24. Akeela says:

    good smell

    I found that this one had a very good aroma like a lemony melon scent that I liked it the high could have been better but it was good.

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  25. Samuel says:

    Full Berry!!

    Wow !!! The taste of That is amazing!! Mouthwattering sweet Berry strawberry watermelon taste ! Its like smoking a fruit salad. One of the best taste.

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  26. Brandon says:

    Impeccable flavour.

    Love this strain. One of my favorites taste wise. I love fruity/sweet flowers and this definitely checks the list. It’s not a very strong indica, but it’s just the right amount for anytime use. A+

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  27. Eric Sickle says:


    Smell is fantastic. Smoke is smooth. Honestly it has got me beyond baked rn. Going to buy more from ol Kootenay for sure. Cant even watch a movie because I’m so baked I’m questioning everything in it and seeing how fake it all is. WILD. Like in “law abiding citizen” why are the lawyers like cops. How are they always rolling up on leads with the police? No way that happens in real life. Still a dank movie tho

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  28. Joshua says:

    Love this strain

    Burns clean.Nice white ashes. Thanx Wp.

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  29. Shawn says:


    Just sampled some, wow. Too blitzed to write here. Enough said.

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  30. Kevin Salmon says:


    Strong buzz, great taste!

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  31. MetalFan says:

    Great deal!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Good batch of Watermelon, like this more than another strain I got that was twice as much. Crazy, bright green colour with these nugs full of red pistils. After a few bowls you’ll want to relax on the couch and watch a comedy. Very fair price really, a lot of terps with this strain!

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  32. Micheal Greene says:

    Became a Watermelon Patch kid

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. Kootenay Fire delivering a beautiful Watermelon grow. Amazing bag appeal with the green and fiery orange hairs. Smells very fruity with earthy undertones. Just mouthwatering! Nice and dense with decent trichome covering. Rather sticky in my grinder. A bit of skunkiness comes through after the grind. Tastes delicious and the high comes nicely right away I found. Sits behind my eyes and relaxes the muscles and eases tension. Stupid, smiles, and couches is what is in store. Just sitting there like I’m a watermelon in a watermelon patch haha, there it is! I didn’t have the munchies so bonus! Great price for an even better grow. This is a great strain to purchase for indica fans. I’d get again! Cheers✌️

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  33. JF QC says:

    Good 👍👍

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Good 👍👍
    3,5 or 4 stars !!
    Nice Buds 😀
    Super aroma and sweet taste
    Strong High !!!!
    Very good deal………..

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  34. Mosey says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    Was looking forward to this Watermelon but was super dissatisfied and really surprised as this comes from Kootenay Fire I really think there was a mix up in my order cuz this shit was nothing like the pics and the buzz was minimal..

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  35. Marco says:

    Not good when smoked

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    I don’t know if this is just a bad batch because previous people seemed to like it.

    I don’t like the taste at all when smoked. Hopefully it is better vaped.

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  36. Ryan says:

    Smooth Indica, well priced

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I’ve thought about buying this strain before but there were always things (PK, Death, Bubba, Pink Bubba etc.) I wanted to to try more for nightime relaxation. I found the strain delivered as expected though not quite as punchy as expected. It was smooth smoke, smooth exhale and smooth high. I saw the other reviews of this batch and don’t really agree. For the money it’s a good strain, though not my favourite from Kootenay Fire (Tangilope or ORange Crush). I think this is a good selection for people who don’t want to get completely blasted and just want to relax. I will try it again in the future.

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  37. Liam says:


    Bang for buck pretty good . I remember WP original watermelon was way better but more expensive . This one still nice relaxing high

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  38. Lynsey says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Beautiful flower. Nicely priced, smoothest smoke I’ve had I think. Not an extreme buzz so great for day time.

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  39. Andy says:

    Get this!

    Price is no factor. This tastes so good. Great even stone. Have this anytime evening or morning. Perfect. Hit the bong too hard and you’ll see where it takes you!

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  40. Matt says:

    What on earth is this?

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    This is NOT what I ordered…. What on earth is this garbage? Whitepalm not delivering whatsoever on this one….the bag I got is not what is described….take a look for yourself. Do you see any crystals? Or just a sad leafy bag of low shelf bud? Please fix this whitepalm.

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  41. Danielle says:

    Watermelon Sugar

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Watermelon doesn’t stand out, at first, but once you start smoking it, the watermelon taste comes through. Smooth smoke. Joint stayed lit. Leaves me with energy and feeling good.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  42. Colby Eagles says:

    Good but not as flavour as thought

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Was hoping this was would sedative weed, like don’t get me wrong it’s not bottom shelf either but works and gets the job done as needed. I smoke a fair amount during the day and this makes
    Couple decent sized joints to make my eyelids close abit. Good for price!

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  43. Abdul R says:

    Good Watermelon

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Very good taste very good price i was just a little bet disappointed with the nugs it was like all popcorn nuggz very small but overall its was good taste and price

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  44. Nicholas says:

    Not crazy but with the price!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Nice high and taste good, can’t go wrong with that price!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  45. Rod says:

    OK, NOT BAD!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Price point weed!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

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