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Magic Mushrooms
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The Lemon Tek Tea method of consuming magic mushrooms can shorten a trip’s duration and decrease nausea, but can also make the whole experience more intense. So prepare yourself :)

Phantasia’s Lemon Tek Tea is a sure way to blast off real fast.

What is Lemon Tekking?

Lemon tek refers to letting your dose of psilocybin mushrooms sit in lemon or lime juice before consumption—essentially cooking them as the citric acid starts to break down the mushroom material. The general consensus among psilonauts who have tried it is that the technique concentrates your trip, making it shorter and stronger than chewing on dried fungi.

Therefore, this is a bit of an advanced technique that we wouldn’t recommend to first time journeyers. But if you’re experienced with magic mushrooms and are looking for a way to make a small amount go further, to decrease nausea and body load, and to shorten and fundamentally change the experience, then lemon tekking might be a worthy avenue of exploration.

Guide to the Phantasia 100mg Psilocybin Dancing Bears

Boil water to 80°C / 175°F.

Steep tea bag for 3 minutes.

Add lemon juice to taste (appreciate the colour).

Add sweetener to taste.


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